Which console is best for streaming Xbox one or PS4?

Usually, gamers will prioritize both PS4 and Xbox One whenever it pertains to the finest gaming consoles. Unquestionably, both of them perform marvelously as gaming systems. Which is, however, significantly superior for playing games? You can’t tell.

The advanced features of the PS4 and Xbox One, therefore, are beginning to predominate in evaluating which is preferable to the other as technologies become increasingly advanced. Here, we’re alluding to the entertainment functions offered on the respective consoles.

You ought to be aware that PS4 and Xbox One are decent alternatives for streaming movies, listening to music, or even viewing live TV. Even if your favorite streaming site is unavailable in your region, you can enjoy it on your PS4 or Xbox by abiding by the professional guidelines on the entertainment site Crazystreamers.

Nevertheless, the centerpiece here is which gadget outperforms streaming media. Xbox One or PS4? You should read about the side-by-side analysis of the Xbox One vs PS4’s media features here to figure out exactly which one affords a stronger media experience proportionate to its monetary value.

Streaming video

Let’s commence with the most essential component which a good number of people will bother about: media streaming. We obviously can’t compare every channel individually due to the sheer number of streaming apps available on both devices. Hence, to measure the difference

between both the PS4 and Xbox One, we’ll employ Netflix, the much more widely used online streaming service.

In aspects of streaming web content, Netflix operates normally fairly identically on PS4 and Xbox One.

You must first download the Netflix app on both consoles to access the Netflix service. On the main screen of your PS4, it is accessible mostly in the TV & Video directory. Since you may browse or view any media content which you have downloaded, you must log into your account.

Netflix can be accessed and downloaded on the Xbox One in the Store page > Explore Apps category. You should indeed login into your subscription to watch the digital content, much like the PS4.

In essence, aside from the button labeling, it is tough to distinguish the two.

A fact, there are also plenty of extensive video platforms that are viewable both on PS4 and Xbox One, including Hulu, Amazon Video, YouTube, etc. You ought to be conscious, however, that neither PS4 nor even the Xbox One offers iTune It’s because Apple uses DRM licensing software to protect the content in its iTunes store.

Nevertheless, you may utilize “DRmare M4V Converter”, a formidable iTunes Copyright eradication software for Windows and Mac, if you acquire movies through iTunes and want to enjoy them on a PS4 or Xbox.

Support for 4K Content

It would be beneficial if the PS4 or Xbox One could enable playing 4K video, as 4K interoperability is becoming more ubiquitous. How do they function in 4K then? Let’s investigate it.

To initiate off, a 4K UHD Television is necessary to fully appreciate 4K on both gadgets. Just the PS4 Pro version of the PS4 currently provides 4K video streaming. You are relegated to streaming 4K videos often through Amazon Video, Netflix, or YouTube since it does not have an “Ultra HD Blu-ray” disc. You also must subscribe to the premium package for all those media sources to visualize the 4K video in its entirety.

On the Xbox side, the redesigned Xbox One S supports 4K video streaming and features a “4K UHD Blu-ray” player. Given that the Xbox One S is more inexpensive than the PS4 Pro; Xbox is undoubtedly the preferable alternative.

Media Playback on DVD, CD, and Blu-ray

Although ubiquitous video streaming is getting more publicity, traditional digital content sources including Blu-rays and DVDs shouldn’t be neglected. How does watching that traditional digital content on a PS4 or Xbox One contrast to certain other options? Let’s elaborate.

Since both consoles are capable of playing Blu-ray and DVD, both operate similarly. Both gadgets perform the usual functions for viewing Blu-ray and DVDs. But, upon playing CDs, it’s all distinct. Since the PS4 lacks playing audio CDs whatsoever, Xbox One thrives in this regard, offering it an edge over the PS4. If you’re a discophile, opt for the Xbox One over the PS4.

Streaming music

Along with supporting physical CDs, PS4 and Xbox One also enable online music streaming. The discrepancies between these two consoles’ music listening features are outlined below.

When it comes to enjoying music, there are some significant differences between PS4 and Xbox

One in terms of the number of music apps that are offered on each system. The 3 primary music services offered on PlayStation 4 are Spotify, SiriusXM, and iHeartRadio. More corresponding applications are available on the Xbox One, including SoundCloud, Groove Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and VLC media player.

The functionality and level of service afforded by all those music apps are yet another differentiator. Spotify is by far the most extensively accessed PS4 app. The best aspect of it is the ability to play games whilst simultaneously listening to music via Spotify. On the PS4, the other two applications do not, unfortunately, play background music. Apart from SoundCloud, all of Xbox One’s music services feature background music listening, thus if you prefer more alternatives, you should convert to it.


The fundamental concern for the subject is now proffered: Which gaming console is preferable for streaming media? PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? The answer ought to be evident if you’ve read about all the peculiarities and functionalities of both gadgets. Since Xbox One supports CDs, offers more music streaming apps, and is completely compliant with 4K entertainment at a cheaper price than PS4, Xbox One is unquestionably superior, isn’t it?

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