Dolphin Emulator comes to Steam to run GameCube and Wii games

Dolphin Emulator is one of the best emulators to revive video games from consoles Nintendo Wii and GameCube on personal computers. Well known among emulator lovers, the announced arrival on Steam will expand its use to a large part of users who are not familiar with it, will allow better software support and faster and more convenient updates. Save it on your wish list because everything indicates that it will be free.

This emulator debuted in 2003 and became the first emulator that could successfully run commercial GameCube games. Early builds had performance issues and audio emulation was not available early on, but development got better over time. In addition, Dolphin became Open Source in 2007 and since then it has been regularly updated.

Dolphin Emulator on Steam

Emulators are fantastic software to enjoy the great classic video games on additional devices to where they were released. While the original hardware offers the purest experience, emulators allow for some additional features like higher resolutions or support for new hardware like widescreens. Content like HD texture packs can also make older games look better, and newer patches that have been released can (in some cases) improve things like frame rates.

Additional functions such as quick saves, online multiplayer modes, custom level packs or MODs created by the community, are other sections that can improve the experience, in addition to increasing the number of supported controllers. And of course the biggest advantage of emulation is be able to run old games from already discontinued consoles that are not available and that we could not play otherwise.

The operation of this emulator, like others, is known, and it is about create a virtual environment to run GameCube and Wii titles. It does not include any games and it will be up to the user to obtain copies of the games and/or dump them in a format that is compatible with the emulator. The development team will publish a full article when Dolphin hits Steam, which will happen next quarter.

It will support personal computers with Windows, macOS and Linux and its hardware requirements are so minimal (Intel i5-3550 / AMD FX-6200 CPU with 2 GB of RAM) that it can be installed on any current machine. We leave you a sample of its operation in the following video:

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