Don’t get scammed, take a look at this before changing your electricity company

The situation in Ukraine has accompanied the rise in electricity prices that leads citizens to question whether what we pay is correct or whether our electricity company is cheating us. This situation does not go unnoticed by the marketers, who are on the lookout to offer us a bargain that will make us change the electricity company looking for better conditions and, above all, a much lower price than what we have paid up to now. Careful! It may be that all that glitters is not gold and they want to sneak in conditions that do not benefit us at all.

Traps we can find

One of these tricks is in those marketers who want to sell us an attractive discount thanks to the price set per kWh. Some discounts that in the free market can reach 50% of the bill we pay with our usual company. But… Isn’t it too pretty to be true? Where’s the catch?

These conditions where a fixed rate is offered occur after the government’s announcement to limit the cost of gas, but, if the fine print is read, later the person who contracts this service will have to pay in the following invoices once the measure taken to overcome the winter months. So no, we would not save that promised 50% at the end of the month.

On the contrary, the fine print of these contracts indicates conditions that can amount to twice the cost that we had agreed. That is to say, the offer that they provide us is linked to the measure of the gas cap that has a determined duration. Therefore, in this case it is advisable to read the contract very well before changing companies.

Insurance that we already have included

Another of the tricks that marketers use to make their packages more attractive is by offering, or directly including, insurance that we do not always need because we already have it covered with home insurance. An example is the protection of household appliances.

Another way to fatten the electricity bill at the end of the month is by including free emergency services, if necessary. This service, however, is not guaranteed, so we may not enjoy the restitution of the energy supply before our neighbors.

How do I know if I have an extra charge?

Knowing how to read the electricity bill is essential so that we do not get into expenses that we have not contracted or that we do not need. Controlling these extra costs is as simple as downloading the invoice or directly accessing our account through the website and checking the breakdown of the charge. The cost of energy, the rent of the meter, the electricity tax, the power and the VAT should appear. If any extra concept appears on the invoice, in addition to those already mentioned, it is convenient to review them carefully and if something does not fit, call the company to cancel it.

Avoiding this type of extra services can mean an annual reduction in your bill of €50. Therefore, if you do not want to give away your money to companies that offer you great deals, we advise you to read the fine print of the contract carefully.

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