Don’t get scammed when buying online! Check out these tips

What to keep in mind when buying online

Although buying online is very safe, the truth is that there are also many scams. They are web pages created to steal, fake products that try to sneak in as if they were real, offers that come to us by mail or social networks and are actually a scam and contain viruses…

Take a good look at the URL

The first thing you should do is take a good look at the page where you are buying a product. Analyze the URL, the site menu, information on the page itself, the general appearance… All this can give you clues as to whether you are really on a reliable site or if it is a scam to steal your data or money.

For example, if you go to a website where you get inundated with pop-ups, see cluttered menus, weird product names, and the overall look isn’t good, you may be facing a fake and dangerous website.

See comments from other customers

you should too read comments from other users who have previously purchased. For example, if you are going to buy on a web page that you have found by chance and you did not know, you can look in Google what its rating is, what other customers think, if the score is good, if it has bad comments…

This will help you greatly to find out if you are really on a legitimate site, where it will not be dangerous to buy, or on the contrary it is a fraudulent page, where you should not trust your personal data.

Beware of offers that come to you

This point is important. In many cases we get offers succulents to our mail, through social networks or platforms like WhatsApp. For example, a super discounted product, a discount coupon for Amazon, etc. However, this is often simply a bait for hackers.

Their goal is for us to click on that file and download it or land on a web page that is actually fake. It may have a virus, it may be malware, or that by putting the data on that page they are going to steal information from us. Therefore, be careful with offers of this type that reach you.

Read the characteristics of what you buy

Another interesting piece of advice is to read the Product characteristics what are you going to buy. It is especially essential if you are going to buy an electronic device, something that has technology or a certain value. You could be buying something fake that looks legitimate but is actually a scam.

A clear example is mobile. It is not uncommon to find phones on the Internet that pretend to be a specific brand but in reality they are not. They put a similar name, but in reality they have less memory, a much worse camera, battery and, in short, it is a totally different terminal.

protect device

To buy safely online, another essential piece of advice is to have the protected device. It does not matter if you are going to buy with your mobile or with your computer, it is essential that you are safe. Install a good antivirus to prevent viruses from entering, keep the latest versions installed and always have official programs.

All this will prevent you from having problems when making any purchase or transaction on the Internet. You will protect your data and avoid many attacks that compromise your system. It is even convenient to see if a web page has viruses.

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