Don’t Make These Mistakes When Installing a Browser Extension

Browsers like Chrome or Firefox allow you to install multiple extensions in order to take more advantage of certain functions. For example, plugins that allow you to group tabs, save bookmarks, etc. Now, the truth is that this can also be a security problem if we do not take certain factors into account. For this reason, in this article we are going to give some advice on what mistakes to avoid when installing extensions.

Avoid problems when installing add-ons in the browser

If you install a plugin in Chrome or Firefox and it’s malicious, it can put your passwords and the operation of your computer at risk. It could steal data, cause the device to malfunction, or even serve as a gateway for an attacker. To avoid this it is important not to make mistakes.

Do not download them from unsafe sites

Where you download browser add-ons from is going to be critical. You should avoid downloading extensions from dangerous sites, as you could be adding software that has been maliciously modified for the sole purpose of stealing personal data and compromising security.

When you install a plugin you should make sure that you are downloading it from its official website or application stores of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox itself. Although this does not mean that you will be 100% protected, it will certainly reduce the probability of suffering a problem considerably.

Avoid outdated extensions

Of course, another mistake is having the outdated extensions. This can lead to significant security issues, as an attacker could take advantage of it to sneak in some kind of malware or find a way to steal passwords. You should always keep everything up to date and when it comes to the browser or plugins, even more so.

If you have add-ons for Chrome or Firefox installed, you should check from time to time that they are correctly updated. This will not only fix issues that may arise, but also keep them running as smoothly as possible.

Do not leave the system and browser unprotected

It is also a mistake to have the system or the browser unprotected. That can be exploited by an attacker to launch malware and compromise security. It could, for example, sneak some kind of malicious software that takes advantage of a vulnerability and thus steal personal data or browsing history.

To avoid this, it is essential to have a good antivirus. You can use Windows Defender itself or opt for another alternative, such as Avast, Bitdefender, etc. This will help detect threats when installing an extension and will certainly come in handy to improve security.

Check the extensions from time to time

Another mistake is to think that any installed extension will always work the same and will be safe. It is important review plugins of Chrome or Firefox to detect possible changes. Sometimes they change hands and can function very differently, so they could also be a problem.

Therefore, a periodic review could alert us to any security problems that appear and take action as soon as possible. This will allow detecting failures in the applications and security problems. Extensions can affect security and prevention is essential.

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