DualSense controller for PS5 now costs the price of DualShock 4

[Le Deal du Jour] The PlayStation 5 DualSense was marketed with 10 euros more on the bill than the PS4 controller at launch, but this is no longer the case today, since Amazon now offers it at 59 euros instead of 69 euros.

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It’s not just the games that cost 10 euros more than the previous generation. The PlayStation 5 controller, called DualSense, is also more expensive than the old model. At the same time, it is understandable, with all the novelties it embeds, from haptic feedback to adaptive triggers.

But today, that changes: its price is equivalent to that of the DualShock 4.

The offer is available on Amazon, at 59.99 euros instead of the usual 69.99 euros.

DualSense PS5 black // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama

To better understand the offer

  • What are the new features of the new Sony controller?

The DualSense is considered a real next-gen controller, in particular by incorporating features that promote immersion in the game. This goes through the integrated speaker which diffuses sound further away, the haptic feedback to feel various sensations such as rain and, most importantly, adaptive triggers (L2 / R2) equipped with a motor to regulate the intensity – this is very relevant for shooting or racing games.

The design has been given a facelift for this new generation, even if the position of the keys and joysticks remains unchanged. However, this new PS5 controller is much more comfortable than that of PS4, because it is heavier to hold better in the hand and also has a grip on the back for better grip. We also find the new button Create (formerly Share), which fulfills much the same function, with however more possibilities for editing images and sharing on social networks.

  • Can I use it on a platform other than the PS5?

Yes, you can very well use the DualSense on other media, since it is compatible with PCs, Macs as well as smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS / iPadOS, via Bluetooth or in wired mode. The only catch is that you won’t take advantage of the haptic feedback or adaptive triggers. Too bad, the controller can not even be used on PlayStation 4.

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