Dune: Imperium Blitz! A new mode for the board game

We had talked extensively about the board game in our review of Dune: Imperium. If, as we are sure, you have read it, you will know that it is possible to improve the gaming experience through an App released for free by the original publisher Dire Wolf Digital. Since a few days it has been possible to play Dune Imperium even in the new mode Blitz!, included in the App and also available in Italian.

Let’s take a closer look at the new Blitz game mode!

Dune: Imperium, here is the new game mode called Blitz!

As the word of German origin suggests, Blitz! it is a mode that compresses game times into just 7 rounds, but it doesn’t do just that.

During the setup phase of the game, players who choose to play a game of Dune: Imperium in this new mode will get solar (the game’s currency) and an Intrigue card. In addition, each player receives 7 cards from the Empire deck and can substitute as many as he wants for the basic cards, spending persuasion points up to a maximum of 7.

Also, always during the setup, each player chooses two factions from which to get 1 and 2 influences after the third game round. Finally, each participant “bets” on an opponent’s victory. If several players guess the winner at the end of the scoring, they score one point. But if only one player guesses the “temporary” winner, that player gets 2 points, which can also overturn the final result of the game. An award that is very “Bene Gesserit”!

It is a mode that significantly changes the cards on the table and the gaming experience. But it certainly offers new stimuli to Dune: Imperium players, as they await the arrival of the first Rise of Ix expansion. And then it’s at no cost! You can try it thanks to the free application you find on the App Store, Google Play and Steam.

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