8 Best Methods to get Rare Candy in Pokémon GO

Okay, Pokémon trainers, let’s talk about Rare Candy. It’s like the golden ticket of Pokémon GO – one little item can make your favorite pocket monster so much stronger. Perfect for powering up that elusive Mewtwo, evolving that shiny you just hatched, or getting your Gyarados ready for battle. In this guide, we’ll share the 8 best methods to get Rare Candy in Pokémon GO, all you need to build an unbeatable Pokémon GO team

The problem is, Rare Candy can feel, well, a bit rare sometimes. But don’t worry! There are actually several ways to get your hands on this valuable stuff. Some methods are a grind, others take a bit of luck, and yes, sometimes you might need to spend a few PokéCoins. But this guide is here to show you all the paths to Rare Candy riches!

8 Best Methods to get Rare Candy in Pokémon GO
8 Best Methods to get Rare Candy in Pokémon GO

8 Best Methods of Getting Rare Candy

In the world of Pokémon GO, Rare Candy is like finding a golden Poké Ball – it’s the key to powering up those elusive Pokémon that seem impossible to find enough Candy for.

So, where do you hunt down this sweet treasure? Let’s break down the most reliable ways to fill up your Rare Candy stash.

Current Raid Bosses
Current Raid Bosses

1. Become a Raid Boss Master

Raid Battles are your absolute best bet for consistently scoring Rare Candy. Think of those giant Pokémon taking over Gyms – defeating them is your ticket to rewards, including those glorious Rare Candies.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Raid Tiers Matter: The tougher the raid (higher the tier), the sweeter the rewards. Those 5-Star Legendary Raids? Jackpot! You’re looking at a decent haul of Rare Candies if you win.
  • Team Up for Success: Raids, especially high-tier ones, are way easier with friends. Coordinate with local players or use those Remote Raid Passes to join forces with trainers online.
  • Time It Right: Keep an eye on your in-game “Today” tab. It’ll list upcoming raids near you. This lets you plan ahead, especially if you’re after a specific Legendary Pokémon.

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GO Battle League
GO Battle League

2. Conquer the GO Battle League

Ready to test your Pokémon battling skills against real trainers? The GO Battle League isn’t just about bragging rights – it’s also a way to snag some Rare Candy!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Gotta Reach Rank 20: Yes, you have to climb the ranks first. It takes some dedication, but once you hit Rank 20, you start earning rewards that can include Rare Candy.
  • Wins (Mostly) Matter: The more battles you win, especially in a row, the higher your chances for those sweet Rare Candy rewards. But hey, even with the occasional loss, you still might get lucky!
  • Seasonal Rewards: Each GO Battle League season has a rewards track. Check it out to see what ranks offer Rare Candy – it’s great motivation to keep battling!

3. Special Research Missions (Sometimes)

Remember those questlines Professor Willow gives you?

Turns out, completing Special Research tasks sometimes rewards Rare Candy! Here’s the scoop:

  • Newer is Better: Older Special Research tends to have less exciting rewards. Keep an eye out for new questlines that drop – those are more likely to give you the good stuff.
  • No Guarantees: Unlike raids where Rare Candy is a sure thing, it’s a bit of a gamble with Special Research. But hey, you’re completing quests anyway, so any bonus Rare Candy is a win!

4. Limited-Time Events: Your Candy Bonanza

Pokémon GO loves to throw events, and smart trainers take advantage of them!

Events like Community Days, Raid weekends, or special celebrations often feature sweet bonuses, including:

  • Boosted Rare Candy Drops: Sometimes, you might get double Rare Candy from raids or other sources. Now that’s what I call a sweet deal!
  • Special Event Tasks: Event-限定 Special Research almost always has juicy rewards, including Rare Candy.

How do you keep track of these? Your in-game “Today” tab is your best friend! It’ll show you what’s currently happening and upcoming events.

Okay, the main methods are great, but sometimes you need that extra Rare Candy boost. Here are a few less obvious ways to snag those sweet, sweet power-ups:

5. Get Those Steps In: Walking with Your Buddy

Think of your Buddy Pokémon as your little Rare Candy farming assistant! Every time you walk a certain distance (which varies depending on the Pokémon), you’ll earn some Candy for their species. With a bit of patience, that can add up to a Rare Candy or two.

  • Pro Tip: Tackle those Legendary buddies! They might need a long stroll to get Candy, but the payoff is worth it when you’re short on those Raid rewards.
Hatching Eggs Pokemon Go
Hatching Eggs in Pokemon Go

6. The Egg-cellent Option: Hatching Eggs

Hatching eggs is like a Pokémon loot box – you never quite know what you’ll get. While Rare Candy isn’t guaranteed, those longer distance eggs (10km and 12km) have the best odds.

  • Incubator Efficiency: If you’re serious about hatching, those extra Incubators (bought or earned) are your best friend. More eggs hatching = more Candy potential!

7. The Trading Route: Distance is Key

Remember how trading Pokémon gets you Candy? Well, the further apart the Pokémon were caught, the more Candy you receive. Time to befriend some international trainers!

  • Word of Warning: Trading your best Pokémon for Candy is tempting, but think twice! You always have a chance of getting those back through Raids or lucky trades, but if you trade away your only Shiny Mewtwo… it’s gone for good.

8. The “Desperate Times” Option: In-Game Shop

Look, I won’t judge if you break down and buy Rare Candy from the shop. Sometimes, you just gotta power up that Shadow Mewtwo RIGHT NOW. Been there, done that.

However, those PokéCoins don’t grow on trees, so spend wisely!

Additional Tips for Maximizing Rare Candy

Okay, you’ve battled some raids, hatched a few eggs, and now you’ve got a small stockpile of Rare Candy.

Let’s make those count! Here’s how to squeeze the most out of them:

  • Berry Boost with Pinaps: Remember those little yellow Pinap Berries? They’re your Rare Candy best friend! Use one during a Raid, and boom – double the Candy if you catch the boss. That means double the Rare Candy goodness!
  • Timing is Everything: Keep an eye on those in-game announcements. Niantic loves throwing special bonuses our way, like double Raid Candy or Rare Candy events. Time your Rare Candy spending during these for maximum gains!
  • Pick Your Battles: It might be tempting to pump all that Rare Candy into your adorable but kinda useless Magikarp. But resist! Save your hard-earned Rare Candy for powering up those rare Legendaries, Mythicals, or even region-locked Pokémon that take forever to get enough Candy normally.

So, that’s the end!

So, these are the methods that can you rare candy in Pokemon Go game. Think of Rare Candy as those supercharged power-ups in your favorite video game. It’s a crucial resource for building a powerful team and conquering those tough challenges in Pokémon GO. Now that you’ve got the lowdown on how to get your hands on it, it’s time to make the most of it!

Remember, collecting Rare Candy takes some effort, but those raids, battles, and egg hatches pay off big time. So get out there, explore, catch some amazing Pokémon, and watch your team become unstoppable with a little help from those sweet, sweet Rare Candies!

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