Dungeon Bowl: a new edition of the Blood Bowl spin-off is coming

It was the year 1989 when Games Workshop launched on the market Elves, Dwarfs & Dungeonbowl, a spin-off of the most popular miniature board game Blood Bowl. Today, 32 years after the game’s arrival on our tables, the English company has announced Dungeon Bowl, a new edition of the title in which players fight in a distorted version of American football in a fantasy sauce and, as the title suggests, in a dungeon.

A new edition of Dungeon Bowl has been announced!

Imagine Blood Bowl, where American football has been revisited with teams of elves, orcs and fantasy humans and a carnage of miniatures is taking place on the pitch. Now add the typical elements of the Dungeon Crawler, with the players who will be busy looking for the hidden ball in one of the many chests in the dungeon to bring it back to base, and you have the perfect formula for Dungeon Bowl!

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Unlike the more famous cousin, in this game we will be able to create teams with athletes from all factions of the world of Warhammer Fantasy, since each team represents one of the eight “College of Magic”.

Here is the announcement trailer:

The new edition of Dungeon Bowl will have dungeon tiles, chests and 3D treasure portals plus, of course, all the miniatures needed to enter a game.

Unfortunately, no release date has yet been revealed for the game, which we will likely see in the course of 2022 anyway.

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