Easy TikTok Transitions 2023 tips on how to get featured

At first glance, Tik Tok’s algorithms seem complicated. They depend on many factors, such as geolocation, music, and hashtags. The algorithm is affected by every action taken by the user. The tape with rollers is formed for each individual user in different ways. Recommendations are carefully curated videos that often match the user’s content or videos that the user has liked. Tiktok editing app VJump will help to improve the quality of each video. With VJump video editor you can create cool effects/transitions for TikTok without any video editing skills.

Factors that affect the TikTok editing hack content in recommendations:

  • Description for the video, and music.
  • Interaction with users.
  • Account setup.

Each factor is processed by the system and is unique. A very important role is played by the fact whether the video was watched to the end. The factor of whether the viewer and the author of the video are within the same geolocation.

How important is it to have thousands of subscribers for a video to go viral?

This is not necessary at all. The probability is higher because the video is guaranteed to be watched by more people. The presence of previously popular videos does not matter. However, you can get into favorites even if the user has less than 50 subscribers.

How can I improve my Tik Tok recommendation feed?

Even if the user is subscribed to only a few TikTok profiles, you can view the feed for several hours. How to set up the “Favorites” page:

  • You can select the most interesting categories before using TikTok. Thus, the algorithm will build a trial version of the page.
  • You need to study more content and subscribe to hashtags.
  • If you come across a video that is not interesting, you can mark it as “Not interesting”. In this case, the user will not have to see similar content.

All these steps will help you create a great personalized favorites page. The algorithms are updated periodically. Outsmarting them will not work, because there is no clear understanding of how it works. There are a few tips to help you get around the rules of the social network:

  • You need to publish videos in sequence. It is best to release several videos a week. Do not forget about experiments, try new formats. It is also worth keeping track of the number of views and the number of subscribers.
  • It’s best to shoot duets. The collaboration of several users will quickly raise the reach and attract the attention of users. This is a great quick way to become recognizable. Any TikTok video could be edited.
  • You need to try new features. The use of various experimental features will also help to capture the attention of the audience. To do this, you can use the training videos.
  • Rollers should be short. This makes it easier to get recommended. Short videos are more often viewed to the end and sometimes several times. This helps the algorithms determine whether the video is a top one. Best TikTok editing apps are free for downloading.


To get into the Favorites, you must always strive for development. Videos are best released several times a week. You have to experiment and see the results. In this case, there is every chance to get to the top of the tops.

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