Effective Marketing Trends for Startups

Today in Spain the whole “marketing” world talks about influencers and their power of prescription. Why? Because content creators have great ease in reaching their audience, they are people of reference and, above all, they have credibility. At the same time, the return on investment of influencer marketing campaigns is much higher than that of other traditional media, and includes a prescription power highly valued by the advertiser. The influencer marketing It is a trend that takes place on global platforms and where you can reach audiences in many different countries.

Currently, there are more than two million people in the world, and more than 7,500 in Spain, whose profession is to be an influencer, that is, they live by publishing content on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Instagram or Facebook. It is a great opportunity to approach them to promote our brand, business or project.

The prescribing power of influencers is quite decisive for the consumer and brands are increasingly directing their investment towards this modality. In fact, 75% of them have dedicated part of their budget to influencer marketing in 2021, according to a study prepared by Ciberclick.

It is the present and future of marketing. Especially if one takes into account the change in behavior of the new generations who prefer digital content to analog. Traditional marketing is now a cause for mistrust due to incessant advertising disruptions. In fact, in recent studies such as “The paradigmatic change of consumption in the audiovisual ecosysteml ”, prepared by Barlovento, shows the drop in the consumption of linear television, especially in young people who choose social networks to inform themselves and buy before traditional media. The opinion and recommendation of a product has more credibility if it comes from the hand of an influencer than if it comes from a radio or television advertisement. Consumption habits have changed. Spain is in position number 17 in the ranking of penetration of Internet use in the world, with 91%.

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Bet on Branded Content

At the same time, Branded Content is increasingly positioning itself as an essential tool to increase the sales of any business: from small businesses to large online retail brands. According to the study ‘Oath, Redefining native’, branded content drives 16% of purchase decisions. It is a very useful tool to generate an emotional connection with the brand, loyalty and engagement with the consumer, in short, branded content is an accelerator of purchases.

What is the most optimal formula that we recommend to make ourselves known in the digital ecosystem and get more sales? At 2btube, we have the experience of working with more than 250 brands, therefore, we know that it is advisable to choose a optimal marketing mix between own media, earned and paid media. It is very optimal that the ability of the brand to create its own quality content in the native formats of digital platforms is studied.

In addition, we consider it necessary to build a strategy of branded content together with some talents chosen for their scope and that are compatible with the brand’s target.

If this cocktail is complemented with a paid media strategy, it will be possible to reach the best performance of the campaign to create brand awareness within the target audience and the best performance of the campaign to increase sales.

Fabienne Fourquet, CEO 2btube.

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