Emmanuel Macron pledges to support the creation of NFT and the metaverse in France

Emmanuel Macron undertakes to develop a dedicated NFT policy. As the campaign draws to a close, the presidential candidate has also announced his interest in a museum of French history in the metaverse.

As the presidential campaign draws to a close, Emmanuel Macron gave an interview to our colleagues from The Big Whale, a new newsletter dedicated to the world of cryptocurrencies.

For the first time, the candidate president has shown an interest in non-fungible tokens (NFT), these works of art certified on a blockchain. “I would like our main cultural establishments to develop an NFT policy”declares Emmanuel Macron, a few days before the second round of the elections.

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Macron wants to launch a museum dedicated to France in the metaverse

The French president imagines in particular the “valorization, distribution and protection of twins or variations of their physical collections” of the country’s museums. More concretely, Emmanuel Macron seems to wish thea creation of NFTs based on the exhibited works in French museums. These digital copies could participate in enhancing the cultural heritage of the nation, suggests the candidate. Unsurprisingly, the president’s plans are still particularly vague.

Emmanuel Macron also recalled his intention to develop a European metaverse. In March, the politician had indeed mentioned a project aimed at emancipate from American and Chinese companies when developing Web3. The entourage of the candidate had slipped that it was above all a question of supporting the creation of the underlying technologies which will allow the metaverse to function.

Marine Le Pen’s adversary has given a layer of it by ensuring that he wants “that European players master the technological bricks associated with Web3 and the metaverse so as not to depend on the American or Chinese giants”. With this in mind, Emmanuel Macron plans to “support alternative graphics engines, capture technologies” for augmented or virtual reality.

Finally, the president imagines the creation ofa museum dedicated to the history of France in the metaverse : “France through its language, its heritage, its towns and villages, its monuments, must also exist in the metaverse. I hope that we can think about what a dematerialized museum of French history would be in this universe: what a great project to think about what a digital historiography of our collective history would be”.

These belated comments about the metaverse and NFTs are meant to appeal to voters involved with Web3 just days before the final ballot. According to a study by Yougov, the online survey company, 30% of French people at least partially understand what the metaverse is. More than 20% of the residents of France are interested in the idea of ​​working in the metaverse or doing their shopping there.

Source : The Big Whale

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