Epic Games announces Fortnite Zero Construction: the mode without constructions is now official

During the past month, on the occasion of the start of its new season, Fortnite surprised us with the total elimination of its main differentiating characteristic, the constructions, challenging players to perform in a battle royale focused exclusively on the most shooter part. A small experiment that, despite its first intention of being a temporary event, seems to will be officially included as a new game mode.

This was announced by the official title account itself through a small official statement along with a trailer on YouTube, under the name Zero Construction, which is now available to players on all platforms. However, despite the tremendously positive reception of it, it is still unclear if Epic plans to keep this mode as something definitive or if, as we have seen on previous occasions, it will be something temporary.

As the company itself says, Zero Construction is designed to test players, looking for veterans and rookies to demonstrate their transversal skills as well as knowledge of the maps, weapons and objects of the game. With no build, players will have a rechargeable full shield as their primary means of defense in Zero Build.

Also, since the buildings will be completely inaccessible, players will have to use the elevators to reach the airships, as well as the new ability to climbwhich will allow us to reach high ground that will give you an advantage over our opponents.

At the moment We can already find the Zero Construction mode on the “Discover” page of Fortnite, along with the rest of the traditional solo modes, duos, trios and squads. To test it, we will only have to click on the “Change” button (located above the “Play” button, in the waiting room to start the game).

And you, What do you think of this new Fortnite mode? Would you like Epic to include it permanently?

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