ERR_HTTP2_Inadequate_Transport_Security – Avoid this error in Chrome

Another common cause is that there is a problem with the browser cookies. Maybe they are corrupt or old. Likewise, this problem will prevent us from navigating correctly and error messages such as the one we see in this article may appear.

It could also be that there is a problem related to the HTTP / 2 protocol using Windows Server and enabled. We will also talk about this as a solution to this error.

But when it comes to bugs of this type with the browser, you have to take into account the possibility that there is some extension that is causing problems. Especially if we have installed any plugins recently, there could be glitches. It is important that we always control the origin of the extensions and avoid third-party sites.

Steps to fix the ERR_HTTP2_Inadequate_Transport_Security error

After explaining why this problem may appear, we are going to give some possible solutions. We can do all of them in Chrome, without having to install or configure anything additional at the operating system level. The main thing will be to make sure that the browser works well, that there is nothing that is interfering, an outdated version or errors with the cookies.

Check that Chrome is up to date

The first thing we must do is something as simple as checking that we have the updated browser. If we are using an old version it can generate errors of this type. There may even be incompatibilities with add-ons that we install or with the operating system itself.

In the case of Google Chrome, we have to go to the menu at the top right (the three points), click on Help and go to Google Chrome Information. It will automatically show us in the new window the version that we have installed. In case there is any pending update, the update process will begin.

This is automatic. The normal thing is that the browser itself updates itself, but sometimes there may be a problem and we have to do it manually. As we have seen, you just have to follow these simple steps that we have explained. Sometimes there might be a problem with the app and you have no choice but to uninstall it to reinstall it again or return the settings to the default values.

Clear cookies

Another possible solution for the ERR_HTTP2_Inadequate_Transport_Security error is delete cookies that the Google Chrome browser has stored. If there has been an error and those cookies have been damaged or are old, we could have problems.

The process is quick and easy. We have to go to the menu again and this time we go to Settings, Privacy and security and we enter the Delete browsing data section. A list with different options will appear and we must check that the cookies box is checked.

Clear cache and cookies

We can delete all cookies stored until that moment, those of the last day, last hour, etc. This process is usually very useful to fix certain problems that may affect Chrome. We can delete cookies, downloaded files that may be corrupt, browsing history …

Check installed extensions

Have you installed any extension Recently? In browsers like Chrome we can add many add-ons that help us to sort tabs, to read documents, to optimize downloads… There is a wide range of options. However they can malfunction. We can have problems if one of these extensions has not been installed correctly, is out of date and generates conflict or has a bug.

What we are going to do is go to the Chrome menu, click on More tools and enter the Extensions section. All the ones we have installed will appear there. We can pause one that we have recently added and that causes us to doubt whether it may be the problem. We can even pause all of them.

Disable HTTP / 2 on Windows Server

One more possible solution for the ERR_HTTP2_Inadequate_Transport_Security bug is disable HTTP / 2 on Windows Server. Here there could be a security conflict and lead to that error. By disabling it we will make Windows Server use HTTP / 1.1.

Although with the previous steps that we have mentioned we should have solved the problem, disabling HTTP / 2 even momentarily in Windows Server could also be a possible solution to this error.

In short, if we encounter the ERR_HTTP2_Inadequate_Transport_Security problem when trying to open a server using HTTPS in Google Chrome, in this article we have explained what are the main causes that could be causing the problem. We have also seen some solutions to avoid this conflict.

However, the main thing to reduce these types of problems that can appear when using Chrome or any other browser, it is necessary to always have the problem in good condition. For example, keep it updated, control which add-ons we install, avoid security problems or any other reason that may hinder the operation.

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