Offer on SupRemo and Uranium Backup! 25% discount if you buy now

SupRemo: Features of this remote control software

The SupRemo remote control program is one of the best that we can use to remotely control our PC: it is fast, easy to use, we will not have to open any port on our router to control the computer remotely because it uses reverse connections thanks to its Cloud service that we have. Other very interesting features are that we can manage multiple monitors on the same PC and switch between them. We can also make connections to several computers simultaneously, and we can even transfer documents between the different PCs that we control bi-directionally. Security is one of the most important aspects when we are controlling our equipment through remote control software, in this case, SupRemo uses 256-bit AES for communication between the equipment, in addition, for each connection with a PC is generated a new private key to increase security. Another fundamental feature is having a contact book with ID and password: we can control our computers, computers of friends or family, and even clients if we are freelancers or companies. In this way, we can connect quickly and without the need to indicate the ID and dynamic password.

This program is completely free for personal and infrequent use, however, if you are going to use it a lot or if you are a company or self-employed person, you will have to buy a license to be able to fully enjoy this useful tool, in addition, the price it is really inexpensive compared to its more direct competitors. We can install SupRemo as a service on our PC, and, when buying the software, we can customize it with our company logo and distribute it to all our customers, with the aim that our logo appears when they open the program to be controlled.

Uranium Backup: Features of this advanced backup program

If you are looking for a very complete software to perform advanced backups, Uranium Backup is one of the best options we can find. This program will allow us to make backup copies of our entire home computer, but it also works perfectly in small office and business environments. The developers of Uranium Backup have created different versions of this software, oriented to different profiles to perfectly adapt to the needs of the clients. One of the most important features of this software is that it is very affordable compared to other similar solutions. This program will allow us to make backups or backup copies quickly and safely, in addition, we will be able to see complete reports in case there is any type of problem.

Uranium Backup is very versatile, we can make backup copies of files and folders, disk images, email with Exchange, we can make backups of relational databases, virtual machines such as VMware or Hyper-V among others, and we can even integrate our NAS server or public cloud in the program to perform backups and comply with the 3-2-1 rule of the same. This program is compatible with different public cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and also Azure and Amazon S3.

Depending on our needs, we can purchase the Free version for basic backups, the Base version that includes more functionalities, or the different “Pro” versions that adapt to the needs of users. Finally, we have the “Gold” version that includes all the features of the previous versions and is the most complete of all.

25% discount offer when you buy SupRemo and Uranium Backup

Until August 31, we will be able to buy SupRemo and Uranium Backup software with a 25% discount compared to the normal price that we find on the official website. We will have the opportunity to buy only SupRemo software, Uranium Backup software or both simultaneously.

In the case of SupRemo, this offer only is available for annual plans: If you already have a contracted annual plan, you can have an additional year and take advantage of this 25% discount, if you do not have a contracted plan, you can contract it again for 1 year and benefit from this promotion. All we have to do is register on the official SupRemo website, click on “Buy” and add the “SupRemo Solo – 1 Year” product to the shopping cart. Once added, we enter the discount code «SUMMER2021»On the payment page and click on« Add »to be included in the promotion.

In the case of Uranium Backup, this offer only is available for Gold plans and Pro editions, this promotion is not available for the “Base” version, for example. We must remember that the “Gold” version is the most complete of all and the one with all the available functionalities, however, we have different Pro versions that can also be perfectly adjusted to our needs. For example, if you are interested in making backup copies of virtual machines, the version you should choose is “Pro Virtual”.

All we have to do is register on the official SupRemo website, click on “Buy” and add the “Uranium Backup Gold” product or any “Pro” version to the shopping cart. Once added, we enter the discount code «SUMMER2021»On the payment page and click on« Add »to be included in the promotion.

Of course, we also have the possibility to add both products to the shopping cart, and the 25% discount will be added automatically on both products and we will save a lot of money thanks to this promotion. You can access this promotion and all the details directly from here:

We hope that with these discounts on both software you will take advantage of this unique opportunity and buy licenses for these two highly recommended programs.

In addition, for all professionals and companies operating in the IT sector, there is the possibility of enjoying additional benefits. In fact, the company offers the possibility of joining the distribution program of the products. On the next page you can find more information:

Distributors can take advantage of very competitive prices and discounts, ease of installation, and a reserved area to view and activate licenses, in addition to being able to have customer data in the same place to facilitate collection and management.

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