eye! Nintendo Switch OLED for only 319 euros at MediaMarkt

Nintendo Switch OLED on sale

Nintendo Switch OLED

Nothing less than 30 euros of discount is what those users who reserve one today will be able to get. Nintendo Switch OLED at MediaMarkt, and is that the giant has posted the product file on its official website with a more than interesting price. Both models are available, both white, blue and neon red, so you can choose either of the two available versions.

The product is obviously not in stock, so you will have to wait until the units arrive and MediaMarkt proceeds with the shipment of the consoles, but today it is possibly the best price that we can get not only at this time, but possibly in the next few months.

Is the Nintendo Switch OLED worth it?

Nintendo Switch OLED

We have already talked about this tricky topic before. The first impressions published by some specialist media have confirmed that the console offers a significant leap in image quality, so when playing in portable mode we will greatly enjoy the new look of the console. However, if you are going to play on a Smart TV, the console remains the same.

That is basically the proposal that you should keep in mind when buying an OLED Switch, since, if your main intention is to play with the console in portable mode, the image quality of the screen more than justifies the purchase. of this new model with its increased inches and its fantastic display.

If we add to this the price of this MediaMarkt offer, it is very difficult for us not to keep an eye on the console now that this great price is ahead of us. Let’s hope that when it comes to shipping MediaMarkt does not suffer the typical delays of these reservations that end up sending the product days after the official launch.

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