Facebook records all your movements, and you can’t help it: do this to reduce it

In order to keep in touch with our friends and family, we currently use social networks as Facebook or Instagram. Likewise, these online platforms are used to do business or to try to make us popular in one way or another.

Perhaps one of the best known and used alternatives for years in this regard is Facebook. For many it is the social network par excellence that Mark Zuckerberg made available to us at the time. Since its inception, millions of users around the globe have been creating their personal accounts to, initially, establish contact with other users from the platform. But as with many other websites that we find on the internet, this one has not stopped growing over the years.

So much so that right now we can find all kinds of content and companies that use Facebook to promote their products. Therefore, we could say that the social network has ceased to be merely a platform for contacting other users, to become a true advertising display. It is true that we can still use it to interact with our friends and family, but in our wall we found a huge amount of additional content which may not interest us.

Surely many of you are more than familiar with the cookies that conventional web browsers use to keep track of the websites we visit. On many occasions these elements that are automatically created and stored on our computer are used to display ads that supposedly interest us. Well, it is important to know that Facebook does something similar in the social network itself.

Eliminate part of the cookies generated by Facebook

Based on the fact that this social network has become a showcase for many companies that display their ads on our wall, these cookies make perfect sense. But as it happens in the aforementioned web browsers that we mentioned, here we have the possibility of eliminating these elements that we tell you about. However, the first thing we should know in this case is that Facebook does not allow us to completely eliminate the use of cookies.

What we can do is eliminate part of these to at least reduce the registration of our movements in the social network. That is precisely what we are going to show you next. To do this, the first thing we do is access the internet platform through our favorite web browser. Obviously to personalize this privacy section we will have to enter our access credentials in necessary case.

In the upper right corner we will see the image that we have established at that moment for our profile. All we have to do is click on it to choose the Settings and privacy / Settings option.

In the left panel we will find a series of categories that will help us to configure and customize our Facebook account. Precisely here we find a so-called Cookies, which is what interests us in this case. When clicking on it we find two selectors. We cannot deactivate the first of them since it refers to the mandatory cookies of the social network. However, we can get rid of the optional ones by deactivating the second selector that appears in screenso we clicked on it.

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