Fast and Furious: Dwayne Johnson is done with the franchise

Dwayne Johnson was a great addition to the Fast and Furious when he took on the role of Hobbs, but his time in the franchise seems to have come to an end. While some fans were hoping to see Hobbs return at some point in history in the next two sequels already announced, Johnson has pretty much confirmed he will never be returning to the saga.

And if we think about all the drama between him and Vin Diesel, who can blame him? Diesel recently took credit for Johnson’s acting in the franchise and, speaking of his colleague, said:

It was a difficult character to shape, that of Hobbs. At the time my idea was to use hard manners for good to get his performance exactly where it needed to be.

As a producer I felt compelled to take Dwayne Johnson, associated with the world of wrestling, and immerse him in the world of cinema, without giving the impression to the public that he already knew his character.

Dwayne Johnson officially breaks with the Fast and Furious saga

When Johnson was pointed out by Diesel’s statements in a recent interview with THR, the actor replied this way:

I laughed, I laughed heartily, I think it made everyone laugh and that’s all I say. I wish them well, both with Fast 9 that with Fast 10 is Fast 11 and the rest of the Fast & Furious that will run without me.

So, Johnson is officially out of the Fast and Furious franchise, even if that doesn’t mean we won’t see him again in a Hobbs and Shaw sequel.

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