Fear of artificial intelligence stealing your data? This you must do

We have recently seen the case of ChatGPT and how they can steal certain information that we put there. This can put privacy at risk and be a major problem. In case there are vulnerabilities, for example, everything we put could end up in the wrong hands without us realizing it.

Tips for using AI

Therefore, it is worth taking into account some recommendations to use artificial intelligence correctly. The objective is to avoid problems that affect the security and privacy. Maybe you use certain platforms of this type, but you are making mistakes that can be problematic.

Be careful what you share on chatbots

The first thing to keep in mind is what are you sharing with chatbots. We can use ChatGPT as an example, but you can apply it to any other. It is not advisable to share personal data, or ask questions giving confidential information of a company or anything that could end up in the wrong hands.

The idea is that, in case there is a vulnerability and everything is exposed, there is no personal information that can compromise you. Nor are you going to take risks in case they are using that artificial intelligence to harm users, for example stealing data or any information.

Browse anonymously

Artificial intelligence could also be used to gather information of navigation. For example, learning how you browse the web, what pages you visit, etc. How can you keep browsing more anonymous? A clear example is using a VPN when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, such as at an airport or a library.

You can also browse more anonymously if you do not log in to platforms or create alternative profiles. For example, don’t expose your main e-mail account when you go to comment something in a public forum; you can always use a secondary or even disposable address.

Do not expose personal data

you shouldn’t post personal information and that are exposed on the Internet. For example, it can happen if you post a message in open forums, comments on web pages or through social networks. All this can be made available for anyone to find you on the network, learn more about you, etc.

This is important not only for artificial intelligence and bots that can track you, but also for any user who finds you on the Internet. The more you protect your data on the network, the less likely you are to experience personalized Phishing attacks and other similar problems that compromise you.

Privacy issue when logging in with Facebook or Google

Protect your accounts and devices

Of course, it is key protect your accounts very well and any device you use on the Internet. It is essential that you use good passwords, since it is the main barrier to avoid intruders. You must also have the programs you use updated, the system itself and have a good antivirus.

All this will help you increase protection and reduce the risk of computer security problems. Never leave your devices without adequate protection, or use accounts without using adequate passwords to prevent the entry of any intruder.

Use only official platforms

You should also keep in mind the importance of using only official platforms. Do not use programs that may have vulnerabilities, that may have been modified and be a danger. It is key to only use legitimate software, which has passed a previous filter. You can go to the official website, but you can also use secure application stores, such as Google Play.

When using artificial intelligence platforms, it is very important that you do not make mistakes in this regard. You should always use official sites, which you can verify that they have been created legitimately.

Therefore, as you can see, it is important that you protect yourself against possible security problems when using artificial intelligence. It is not enough to just use programs like Windows Defender, but common sense must also be present, avoid making mistakes and make sure that you have everything updated correctly.

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