Finally some bad news around Hogwarts Legacy, do you know which one?

Hogwarts Legacy It has become the most important title so far in 2023, with an overwhelming success that has turned Warner Bros Games into the queen of mambo given how well the commitment to the Harry Potter literary universe has turned out. So among so much congratulations, merriment and enthusiasm, dark clouds have finally appeared on the horizon. They can now boast of having an indelible stain on their resume.

What happened?

First of all, say that the headline is written with a certain sarcasm because, indeed, there is no bad news around Hogwarts Legacy since it has become such a success that it has far exceeded 12 million units sold worldwide in just two weeks, between PS5, Xbox Seris X | S and PC. So, could something happen to cloud Warner’s happy marriage with Avalanche, authors of the video game?

Well yes. It has happened and we already have the first (and verified) bad news since the launch, since Warner Bros Games has announced that the game’s release date for PS4 and Xbox One will be delayed. and it will not arrive on the day that was initially scheduled, which was none other than April 4. In less than a month, the users of the old generation were going to be able to take a tour of Hogwarts castle and experience the same emotions as those who already have a PS5 at home. But it won’t be like that.

Unfortunately, that release will not happen because it will be on May 5th when Hogwarts Legacy definitely come true for the old-gen although, if we are honest, we don’t know very well whether to believe it or not, since it is not the first time that this title has suffered a delay. The main versions were already moving through the calendar on several occasions with different dates separated by several months and the same thing now we can find something similar.

The reasons for the delay

Well, you know. Warner Bros Games has pulled from the style manual in cases of emergency and He has blamed the extra days of work on the promise that we receive the “best experience game”, which is a euphemism by which they really mean that (and we say this in quotation marks) “we did not arrive, we do not have time, we are in full crunch and, either we delay the release, or the game will come out with more bugs than Assassin’s Creed Unity«.

The official message from the company is that they continue to be “overwhelmed with gratitude for the response to Hogwarts Legacy from fans all over the world. The team is working hard to offer the best possible experience on all platforms and we need more time for it. Hogwarts Legacy It will be released for PS4 and Xbox One on May 5, 2023.” So now you know: if you have reserved the game, you have to wait, and if you can’t take it anymore, you can already buy a PS5, or an Xbox Series X, taking advantage of the fact that the stock It is already reaching stores throughout Spain.

By the way, seeing the delay in the PS4 and Xbox One versions, what do you think will happen with the Nintendo Switch version that is next?

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