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Cookies are very present on the Internet. We can say that they are small files that store certain information about what sites we visit, from where, what preferences we have chosen on a page… All of this can help that website offer a browsing experience that is more adapted to the user, but it can also be used to display advertising or even sell it to third parties. In this article we are going to talk about CookieServewhich is an online application that shows the cookies used by a web page.

CookieServe, a service to view cookies

The purpose of CookieServe is that we can see what cookies a website uses. It is very useful if you are concerned about privacy and want to know at all times what a web page may be recording or how it could use that data to put your personal information at risk online.

Keep in mind that the normal thing is that cookies are totally safe and there is no risk. They will even be useful for you to better surf the internet. For example, they are very interesting if you are going to buy a product and add it to the basket of an online store, close the window and then go back in and they are still there. But sometimes they can be a problem and that’s where this app comes in.

Will show data such as the name of the cookie, the type it is, if it is necessary, advertising, analytics, etc. It will also show the domain of that cookie, which can help you know if it is a third-party cookie or is owned by the website. In addition, it will give information about what its purpose is and how long it will last in the browser.

If you have doubts about how a specific web page is going to manage cookies, you can use this free program. It will show you all the information that we have indicated and you will have a greater knowledge to avoid problems that put your privacy at risk simply by opening a website.

Steps to use the program

The first thing you have to do to start using CookieServe is to go to their official website. It is a totally free online service and with which you will not have to install anything additional. You simply have to enter with your browser, be it Chrome, Firefox or any other.

Once you are inside their website, as you can see you will find a bar where you have to put the address you want to analyze. You just have to paste the URL there and hit Find Cookies. You must take into account that it is necessary to put the complete URL, this means that you have to also put HTTPS or HTTP for it to work.

You will be able to see all the cookies that site has. You will see that some last just minutes or days, while others can last for years. You will also get information about what type they are and what they are used for. All this will help you to have a better understanding of cookies when you browse web pages.

In short, this online service is very useful if you are concerned about cookies on a website and how they may be managing your data. It will help you avoid problems and always browse the web with greater privacy.

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