Windows Defender now protects your pen drives and printers

Windows Defender ATP extends your security

This is the version Windows Defender ATP, or advanced threat protection, used primarily by organizations and businesses. The goal from Microsoft is to provide greater protection especially now that many users work remotely due to the pandemic and make use of different external devices.

The use of home printers and other removable memory devices such as a pendrive has increased the field of attack for cybercriminals. To avoid this, to make users more protected, Windows Defender ATP has released a new function to precisely analyze these devices. In this way, using a pendrive or any external memory, as well as using a printer at home, will be safer.

From Microsoft indicate that they intend to create an extra layer of security for their Windows and macOS users who opt for their business protection solution. What they are looking for is that hackers have a smaller attack surface to steal passwords or compromise computers in some way.

These new capabilities are an important complement to those that were previously available. It will serve for further improve security when using different devices. Especially it will be very useful for those who work remotely and have to use personal devices, such as USB sticks and the like. There are many types of viruses and this will require that we be prepared at all times to minimize the impact they can have on our computers.

Many attacks arrive through external devices

Keep in mind that a large number of attacks can come through others external devices that we connect to our teams. For example, it is the case of a pendrive, but also any other memory or peripheral that could be the object of attack.

The network connected printers they can also be the gateway for hackers. This can happen if they are out of date and have a known vulnerability, for example. Hence, it is essential to always have the firmware with the latest version and to minimize the risk of being victims of attacks of this type.

Beyond connection problems with printers, the truth is that they can be a target for cybercriminals. They are devices that we must take care of at all times.

In this way, Windows Defender in the business version will allow to increase the protection when we use external memory devices or printers. One more way to enhance security and reduce the probability that we are victims of some type of attack.

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