Fitbit app now tracks your blood sugar levels 2021

If you own a Fitbit and you have diabetes, you won’t have to resort to a third-party app just to monitor your condition. Google-owned Fitbit has introduced blood sugar tracking to its mobile app, helping you manage diabetes or any other health issue related to your glucose levels.

The feature is not available on current Fitbit wearable devices, unfortunately. You will need to import or manually record the blood sugar data in the Fitbit app yourself. However, when you do, you can set custom target ranges and check trends both throughout the day and over the long term. You can see, for example, if a change in diet is taking effect.

Standard blood sugar monitoring is free, although subscribers Fitbit Premiums will get the option to track levels over 30-day periods “incrementally” , with correlations and trends, “gradually” . Members will also be able to share their levels via Health Coaching and Wellness Report.

Fitbit is expanding access to some of its health-based features in hardware at the same time. Sense owners in US territories (such as Guam and Puerto Rico), Canada, and New Zealand can now use the ECG app to check for atrial fibrillation. In the meantime, all Charge 4 owners will receive an update that will allow them to check their Blood Oxygen (SpO2) on the wrist and in the app for free.

Charge 4, Inspire 2 and Versa 2 users can view their seven-day trends on the health metrics from the phone app for free, Fitbit added. Previously, this was limited to Sense and Versa 3.

You may not see Fitbit implement blood sugar tracking on your wearable devices for a time. Companies like Quantum Operation claim to have glucose monitoring that does not require blood drawn, but the technology is still early. Still, this addition could be useful for diabetics who want a complete picture of their health.


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