Fitness Application Development: Step-by-Step Guide

No modern person can imagine his life without the use of gadgets, which have become a powerful tool for promoting services. The first mobile fitness apps were designed solely for recording results. Today, developers offer many resources that allow you to select exercises and control the correctness of their implementation.

What is it and features of developing fitness applications

And so, let’s take a closer look at what sports applications are and how they can help both novice athletes and professionals.

Fitness application is a software product that consists of a whole set of exercises for working out certain muscle groups. It generates sets of classes in a variety of areas (stretching, yoga, strength exercises) and controls the progress of their implementation to achieve the desired result.

The apps offer both a complete course and programs designed to achieve specific goals, such as weight loss or improved sleep. They differ from each other in direction (sports goals or weight loss), functionality, activity tracking (permanent and periodic action), type of monetization, etc.

Features of development are determined by the direction of the resource. So, a running application requires the functions of tracking speed and distance, monitoring heart rate, fixing records, etc. A weight loss program – accurate calorie counting and monitoring the dynamics of weight changes. Utilities can contain a huge number of exercises with the ability to download videos to demonstrate their correct implementation.

Examples of Popular Resources

There are quite a few successful fitness apps out there. Leading positions are occupied, of course, by Google Fit and Health, but there are many other popular options. So, for example, Leap Fitness Group created a whole series of fitness apps with different directions: for men, for women, how to sit on the splits or pump up the press – they have options for any request. Another interesting solution is MyFitnessPal – an application that allows you to track physical activity, as well as nutrition, and helps you reach your desired goal by calculating the ratio of calories consumed and burned.

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Stages of working on a fitness application

The idea of creating an app for personal trainers is a natural step toward promoting services and increasing customer loyalty. But it can be very difficult to turn what is conceived into reality, and, in this case, it is best to turn to experienced app development firms like After all, the process of developing a competitive product requires certain actions:

  • Analysis of the market and competitive applications – the collection of information about products presented in the markets of health services, and the concept of a new offer for a potential audience is formed;
  • Setting goals – the main goal of a fitness app can be to popularize services, attract a new audience, strengthen contact with customers, increase profits, motivate action, etc.;
  • Defining a priority platform – the most popular platforms for hosting sports apps are Android and iOS, each of which has both advantages and disadvantages; the determining factor when choosing a platform are user preferences and convenience for users;
  • Creation of a prototype of the future product – visualization of the functions prescribed in the terms of reference; at this stage, it is important to consider the number and location of optional buttons (counting steps, distance, training program, schedule, etc.) for ease of use;
  • Writing code and running the application in test mode – after writing the code using programming languages ​​and frameworks, the resource is tested to verify the correctness of its operation;
  • Publication in the AppStore or Google Play – after completing all of the above steps, the fitness application is put into operation and becomes available for download.

What does the cost depend on?

The development of sports applications requires a responsible approach in terms of preparation, which determines the final cost. First, you need to decide on the type (a program for running or a full-fledged fitness application with a lot of exercises) and the functionality of the application.

The more functions a resource contains, the more time and effort will be spent on its design. When determining the cost, the need for further technical support is also taken into account. Order the development of a high-quality and competitive application at this link:

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