Fix Proxy connection errors in the browser

In the latter case, we would have to solve the Proxy error at the system level. However, as we will see, it is a simple and fast process. We should have no trouble starting to navigate properly.

If we encounter this error we will have problems loading web pages. It may affect only a specific website, but it may affect all navigation and we cannot enter any site.

How to fix Proxy error in Chrome or Firefox

We are going to explain the different options we have for fix Proxy error when browsing with Chrome or Firefox. We are going to see how to solve it directly from each of the browsers and also from the Windows settings. They are all straightforward processes.

Fix the bug from Firefox

First of all we are going to talk about what to do to avoid the Proxy error from the browser Mozilla Firefox. What we have to do is open a new tab and click on the menu at the top right, to later enter Settings.

Once we are here we have to go to the bottom, in Network Configuration, and click on Configuration. A new window will open automatically and the only thing we would have to do is mark the option of No proxy, which is the first to appear on that list.

Fix Proxy connection problem in Chrome and Firefox

If it is a problem on the part of the browser, this option may be the solution to the failure. We would only have to restart the browser and see if in this way we can navigate normally, without the Proxy error appearing in Mozilla Firefox.

Avoid this problem in Chrome

It is less frequent that this problem appears when we navigate with Google Chrome, but we will also be able to configure it. However, we will not be able to do it from the browser itself, as we did with Firefox, but we will have to go to the Windows configuration.

If in Chrome we click on the menu at the top right, go to Settings, Advanced settings, System and click on configure Proxy, we will see that it takes us to the windows settings. There we will have to see if there is a proxy configured that may be causing problems. If so, we would just have to delete it.

Proxy configuration in Windows

This we have done, although it works for Google Chrome, it can also be valid for Mozilla Firefox. At the end of the day we are configuring it at the system level and we will be able to see the results in both browsers. We would only have to restart it and see if it has been solved correctly.

Clean the registry in Windows

We must also mention a third method that we can take into account. Again, this could also help to fix the Proxy error in both Chrome and Firefox. It is basically about removing the proxy files from the Windows’ register.

We have to go to Start and look for Regedit. We can also open the Windows + R key combination and run Regedit. When we are inside we must look for the path Computer / HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / WindowsCurrentVersion / Internet Settings.

Clean the proxy registry

Here, in the right pane, the proxy files would appear. We would have to select each one of them and we give it to delete. Once this is done, you just have to close the windows and restart the browser to check if it has been solved or not.

How to avoid problems with the browser

We have focused on the Proxy error in Chrome and Firefox browsers. It is something that will prevent us from navigating correctly and that, as we have seen, can be solved in a very specific way. However, there are many errors that can appear when browsing. That is why we are going to give some essential tips to avoid them.

Have the browser updated

The first thing is to always have the latest browser version. This is essential to protect security. We must install every update that comes out and avoid problems, but also make it work as well as possible, with all the latest news.

In the case of Chrome we would have to go to the menu at the top right, click on Help and go to Google Chrome information. There it will show us the version we have installed and will install a new one if it is available. In Mozilla Firefox it would be similar.

Update Google Chrome

Use official programs

Another very important question is to use only official programs and extensions. This will prevent us from installing applications that have been modified by third parties. They could contain malware or even additional plug-ins that are responsible for collecting data.

You always have to install them from official sources. It does not matter which one we are using, be it Chrome, Firefox or any other. We must always go to its official website or guarantee application stores to avoid problems of this type that we mentioned.

Keep safe

Of course we must also maintain the security in our teams. This will prevent the entry of malware and attackers that could affect the functioning of the systems. A good antivirus, for example, is going to be essential. We can name a few like Windows Defender, Avast or Bitdefender. (leankitchenco)

But to stay safe, common sense and avoiding mistakes are essential. We must avoid downloading files that may be a threat, for example through emails that we cannot trust.

Review configuration

On the other hand, periodically review the browser settings and the extensions that we have installed can help us to solve problems and avoid errors. Not only do we have to focus on the main thing, which would be the browser, but any add-ons that we have installed.

Sometimes hackers can take advantage of bad settings to get into the browser and access the system. They could compromise our security in this way and achieve their goal of sneaking malware or affecting performance.

In short, we have seen in this article what we should do to correct Proxy errors in Chrome and Firefox. We have looked at some available options, as well as general tips to avoid problems in the browser.

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