fix the most common crashes in HBO Max

We generally access our streaming video platforms to enjoy the content they host. For example, when booting hbo max we intend to put into operation some of his many movies, series or documentaries. The disappointment can come when we encounter problems in the start-up or reproduction of all of it.

In most of the occasions in which we are about to hang out with our favorite video platform, everything goes smoothly. However, if we come across certain errors, it is best to be able to resolve them immediately. Precisely all of this we are going to talk about next with the most common errors and problems that we are going to find when launching HBO Max.

That is why in these same lines we are going to talk about the most common problems that you can find in this service of streaming media content. At the same time we will see the faster solutions that you can carry out to start enjoying the platform as soon as possible.

I can’t sign in to my HBO Max account

The first common failure that we can find in this regard is that we cannot access our HBO Max account. In that case, the first thing we have to do is make sure that the credentials, email and password, are properly typed, respecting upper and lower case letters. In this sense, we should also make sure that the subscription is active, that is, that we are up to date in terms of payments for it.

It may also be the case that the problem is caused by the bank card associated with the streaming account, which for whatever reason does not work or has no balance.

The videos do not appear or are cut off

Another serious inconvenience that we can face when trying to load a certain content is that it takes too long or produce cuts. Here we must make sure that our Internet connection works correctly. In turn, in these cases it is advisable to use an ethernet cable instead of the Wifi in order to have the maximum bandwidth. In the event that we are playing content from a PC, we also recommend that you close all those programs that are using the internet at that moment. This is especially important in those that make massive use of the connection, such as P2P clients.

Although these are exceptional cases, it can also be the case that the platform as such is down and at that moment is not able to offer the usual services.

The contents on HBO Max are not heard

Here the first thing we will do is test the audio in other applications on the same device to make sure it is a problem with the video platform. Likewise, we can also try to close the application completely and start it again while reloading that content. With everything and with it, it is always advisable to keep the corresponding client updated to its latest version to avoid this type of failure with the audio or video.

I can’t find or I can’t open my favorite series and movies

In this case, we must bear in mind that, as with most platforms of this type, video content comes and goes. This means that the maximum responsible for the service They almost constantly withdraw some movies and series while they send us new ones. So, maybe we had a series in the middle and suddenly it has been withdrawn, so we can no longer finish it.

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