Flash deals for these AirPods… They fly!

Although the brand new AirPods 3 continue to be offered at the same price as in its recent launch (199 euros), the truth is that there are other ranges of Apple’s line of headphones that do offer discountsinteresting We can thus meet the AirPods 2, AirPods Pro and even AirPods Max at really interesting prices and in some cases with flash deals, that is, they will last very little. We tell you all the details below.

These are the discounts on AirPods (now)

Is in Amazon where we can find the discounts with respect to official prices at Apple, although with full guarantees as we will tell you in a next section. These offers are always temporary due to the variability that exists in stock, but in some cases even more so, so it is always advisable to hurry up if you are interested.

Starting with the AirPods ProThese are the ones that are in the flash offer and therefore tend to raise the price in a very few hours. These have a discount of 60 euros and they are not the “old” version, but they are the ones that include the MagSafe case introduced by Apple just a few weeks ago.

The 2nd generation AirPods, which are still on sale at Apple, also have a discount. In this case it is something particular, since there are two versions whose only difference is whether or not they offer a case with the ability to recharge wirelessly. Since this is the only difference, we think it is better to buy the normal version because it can be charged using the cable that is included. In both cases there is discounts of up to 20 euros, which is not crazy, but it is at least interesting.

And if you look le crem de le crem, the AirPods Max They are Apple’s highest-end headphones. Its price is considerably higher, it is true, reaching 629 euros. However on Amazon they find discounts of up to 120 euros depending on the color, something you can check in the following link.

Apple AirPods Max

Do the conditions change a lot when buying on Amazon?

For practical purposes it’s almost like shopping at apple, since it is the apple company itself that offers these devices on Amazon and therefore there is full assurance that they will be new and original. On the other hand, they offer 2 years warranty with coverage from Apple during the first and from Amazon itself during the second.

It is possible also return them within 30 days, so you would not have problems if they do not convince you. Besides, you can even add AppleCare + as an additional guarantee during the purchase process. Therefore, if we add discounts to these conditions, we believe that they are more than interesting options to consider.

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