Four Against Darkness: The Heart of the Lizard is coming

Big news for all fans of Four Against Darkness: on the occasion of Play from Modena (to be held from 3 to 5 September 2021) will be released The Heart of the Lizard, a novel fantasy short written by Davide Mana set in the world of Four Against Darkness with game appendix for characters of any level.

You will find this juicy novelty at the stand of MS Editions, the publisher of the game.

The Heart of the Lizard is out on September 3 for Four Against Darkness

The Heart of the Lizard is a short novel set in the fantasy world of Four Against Darkness, game designed by Andrea Sfiligoi.

This new release (just so as not to miss anything!) Combines the story written by Davide Mana to a substantial section of rules to be able to play the contents of the novel, from monsters to spells, up to traps. In addition to all this, in the volume also the new class of the Pyromancer.

“What kind of treasure are we talking about?” Gresskar asked. “A fist-sized emerald …” Haq replied. “Damn it,” Kil said.

Heroes against the dark, and what grows in the dark. The Heart of the Lizard is a fantasy novel written by Davide Mana and set in the world of Four Against Darkness. You will follow Haq, Kil, Gresskar and Varda in the abandoned ruins of an ancient temple of Zur the Reaper, God of death, on the trail of a fabulous mystical treasure…

To play Heart of the Lizard you will only need the Four Against Darkness core manual, a dungeon exploration game (solo or cooperative) reminiscent of old old-school RPGs and which we told you about in our review.

Choose four heroes from a list of adventurers, equip them and venture into dark dungeons created by dice rolls and your own choices. Fight monsters, manage resources, grab treasures, avoid traps, find clues and accept missions from the monsters themselves.

What do you think about it? Will you go to Modena Play this year? Let us know yours with a comment!

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