Free Photoshop: Adobe is testing a new version of its editing software for the Web

Adobe is currently testing a new Photoshop formula: the famous tool for creating and retouching graphics could become free, at least in its Web version.

Adobe Photosop free for the web

It was in October 2021 that Adobe launched a version of Photoshop for the Web. If the service is not as complete as the executable for Windows or macOS, it is supposed to offer a panel of tools offering the means to quickly edit and retouch a photo.

But faced with the impossibility of competing with the innumerable possibilities of its own computer software, Adobe finally decided to make it a simple collaborative service, allowing it to show photos and creations to its contacts, to let them edit it briefly, then share it with other users or with its original owner.

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Adobe is testing a free version of Photoshop

Now Adobe wants to expand its scope and address those who do not have any license for the application, and simply want to use the online service to create a composition from scratch. Because until now, it was necessary to open an image from the desktop application and share it, to finally import it into Photoshop for the web. This is no longer the case: the online service now offers an fully-fledged editing and creation modewithout the computer version being necessary.

Adobe therefore wishes to ensure that Photoshop for the web is going freein order to demonstrate to users the possibilities of its graphic design software, and then push them to acquire the desktop version (which will remain payable, it goes without saying).

The publisher is therefore currently conducting a test in Canada of this “freemium” edition of its online service. No release date for a wider distribution has yet been communicated by Adobe, but this would allow the famous software to play on equal terms with mobile applications and other very popular online services like Canva or Pixlr. Note also that the Web version of Photoshop adapts perfectly to mobiles, and recently supports comments on images on this type of device.

Source: The Verge

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