From this distance your WiFi will work worse, but there is a solution

At what distance Wi-Fi starts to fail

Keep in mind that this is not exact and will depend on different factors. For example, it is not the same from one point to another if there is only one wall in the middle, than a house in which there are numerous rooms through which the signal has to pass. Nor is having a computer with a very powerful Wi-Fi network card the same as having a laptop with a more limited internal adapter.

But in general terms we can say that Wi-Fi in the 5 GHz band, the fastest, will work up to a distance of 15 meters indoors. From there, problems will begin to appear. If you are going to be outdoors, without obstacles, it can go from 25-30 meters. Therefore, in a common house from 15 meters you will have problems.

According to the 2.4 GHz band, which is the one that reaches the furthest, indoors we can even reach 40 meters. Of course, he thinks that, for example, in a two-story house, the distance will be less, just as if he had to go through numerous rooms. But, as you can see, it can go further than the 5 GHz band.

The standard used by your devices will also influence. The latest Wi-Fi 6 is better than the previous version and offers us a little more distance. Just as it will also depend on the power of the router. But more or less you can get an idea. If you want to reach the maximum speed by Wi-Fi, think that you will have to connect to the 5 GHz band and it is the one that allows less distance.

Differences between 2.4 and 5 GHz

What to do to extend coverage

Can we do something to increase that distance and we can connect from further away? We have different options available to fix problems with Wi-Fi at home. We are going to show you some of the best so that you can connect from areas where the signal is weak.

One of the most used options is install a repeater. What this type of device does is receive the signal from the router and distribute it throughout the area where you locate it. It can allow other devices to connect with higher quality and avoid cuts or loss of speed. They are cheap devices, although sometimes they do not really solve the problem.

You can also choose install a mesh system. In this case, unlike repeaters, they are not connected directly to the router but to each other. There are several satellites that you can distribute around the house and connect with each other to take the coverage further. They are one of the best options to improve coverage. You can see some of the best Mesh systems.

One more option is to use PLC devices. In this case, they are devices that are connected through the electrical line. You place one of them near the router, while the other you put in another place in the house where you need to improve the connection.

In short, as you can see, the Wi-Fi begins to fail as you move away from the router. In the 5 GHz band from 15 meters you will have significant problems, while in the 2.4 GHz band it could reach up to 40 meters. However, you can always improve coverage.

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