Frostpunk 2 announced by 11 bit studios

11 bit studios has announced the arrival of Frostpunk 2, the sequel to the popular and appreciated video game management strategy with a steampunk setting in which the world has plunged into an eternal winter.

For now we have only excerpts of what will be the plot of the second chapter: let’s go and see together what awaits us.

11 bit studios announces Frostpunk 2

Thirty years have passed since the first chapter, and the coal is gone. The new frontier for surviving in a frozen world, where a day at -40 ° is considered almost warm, is oil. But change is never welcomed with open arms, and the first challenge will be the transition to this new form of energy and the resistance of the survivors.

We will resume the role of the “Captain”, the mayor-despot of the last city of humanity. New challenges await us, organizational and moral dilemmas between “survival and human values, life against the Arctic” as he said Jakub Stokalski, one of the managers of Frostpunk 2. “But more important – continues Stokalski – it adds a new level present in every aspect of the game: the conflict between human beings and their nature”.

Frostpunk 2 aspires to go far beyond what we saw in the first chapter. The management of the society of the survivors, although it proposes many themes already seen, will be even more profound and detailed, exploring the complexities of political, religious and technological choices.

The YouTube announcement trailer, which you can see above, has already reached nearly one million views; so there is really a lot of waiting for the new title of 11 bit studios Frostpunk 2, but, unfortunately, the only thing we can do for now is to add it to our wishlists, as the development house has not indicated any specific date for the future release.

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