Get the latest from NVIDIA GeForce Experience first with this change

Everything related to the graphic section that is an important part of our computer, is gaining importance with the passage of time. To a large extent this is due to the types of use we currently make of our PCs, where the GPU installed, whether from NVIDIA or any other manufacturer, plays a key role.

Of which there is no doubt is that one of the most important hardware developers in this field is the aforementioned NVIDIA. This is something that has been happening for several years now, so the firm has not stopped improving its products both at the hardware and software level. We tell you all this because surely those of you who have a graphic from this manufacturer will see a series of additions in your operating system.

And here is a very important part for the correct functioning of the GPU, it is formed by the drivers that periodically receive new updates. These help us almost automatically to get the most out of this component and the games and programs that use it. But in addition to the aforementioned drivers or drivers that are installed on our NVIDIA GeForce, we also find another element that we must take into consideration today. Specifically, we refer to the tool called NVIDIA GeForce Experience that we find next to the commented drivers.

We have the possibility of executing it by simply right-clicking on the corresponding icon located on the task bar. First of all, we must know that you are using a utility that will be of great help when configuring and optimizing the performance of our games on the computer.

Activate the experimental features of NVIDIA GeForce Experience

In this way we can use all of this to get the maximum performance to our games when they use the signature graph. But that’s not all, but now we can also take advantage of all this when we run conventional programs. Those that make use of graphics come into play here, such as multimedia players in most cases.

As you can imagine and thanks to the growth of this type of graphic use, NVIDIA does not stop improving its NVIDIA GeForce Experience tool. This is something that it achieves through updates that it sends and that add new functionalities to the application. However, it is worth mentioning that we have the possibility to test before anyone else the new functions that the company is testing at that moment. This way we will have access to them before they reach all users who have this program installed.

In the event that you want to be one of these users, it is very easy to achieve it. For this we only have to run the aforementioned application on our PC. Once we have it on the screen, we go to the General section. Here we are going to find a selector that by default is deactivated, as expected. Therefore, we only have to mark the option that reads Enable experimental features. It is possible that we need to restart the commented tool, even this could need some kind of update.

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