Get to know these curious smart devices for your home

Home automation is increasingly widespread in our homes. We have many smart devices that allow us to automate tasks, optimize resources or even save on the electricity bill. Beyond smart bulbs or plugs, there are many more devices that we can use. In this article we are going to name a few curious smart devices What can you buy for your home?

Curious home automation devices

We can say that the range of options is very wide and we constantly see new devices. Some of them may be more unknown and perhaps less useful for some, but very interesting for others. Here you can have some ideas in case you want to convert your smart home.

window cleaning robot

One of the curious smart devices that we want to show is this robot vacuum cleaner for windows. It works in a similar way to the typical robot to vacuum and clean the floor, but in this case it will work vertically, on the windows. Very useful if you have a large window and you want to avoid having to clean it manually.

It works thanks to a absorption technology that allows it to adhere to the glass surface. In this way it can be vertical without falling. It works in a simple way and has different automatic modes. What you have to do is simply put it in the window that interests you and turn it on. It is used to clean mirrors, tables and glass of all kinds.

Bulbs with integrated camera

You can also buy smart bulbs, which work similar to any other, but in this case they are going to have a integrated camera. A kind of two in one. You will be able to control the switching on and off, as well as the brightness of the bulbs, but also have a security camera to monitor a home or premises.

In this case it has a 360 degree rotation system. You will be able to record in any direction in 1080p. It also has motion detection, infrared light or real-time alert in case it detects something strange. It also has a microphone and speaker, so it works bidirectionally.

Wi-Fi curtain

One more curious intelligent device is this curtain with integrated Wi-Fi. It has a motor to open or close. It is compatible with both Alexa and Google Home, so you can easily control it with your mobile from anywhere. You might want it to be open to let the sun in, but closed at night. All this you will be able to program in a simple way.

You can find different options, since there are sizes for all windows. The curtain can also be operated manually and comes with a remote control. But the idea of ​​this type of device is to be able to program and manage it remotely from the mobile phone application anywhere.

In short, these are some curious smart devices that you can buy for your home. If you are looking for something different from the most popular ones, they are undoubtedly devices that can serve you. With the passage of time, we will surely see more options available.

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