Get to know these WiFi smoke detectors with mobile alerts

Home security is very important, and one of the star devices is IP cameras. However, this type of device will not be able to detect smoke in the event of a fire in our home. Smoke detectors and CO detectors are one of the most demanded home security devices, with the aim of alerting us with an integrated siren that there is a possible fire in our home, and also with a notification to the mobile in case we are not at home at that moment. Today in RedesZone we are going to recommend some really interesting models.

What to look for when buying a smoke detector?

If you want to buy a smoke detector, you should look at several important features before buying it, otherwise you might be in for a nasty surprise. Next, we indicate all the characteristics that you should take into account:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity? Most detectors incorporate a WiFi antenna to connect wirelessly to our router, without the need for a hub that has an additional cost. However, you should know that there are also models that incorporate ZigBee technology, therefore, you will have to buy a hub to be able to connect it to your WiFi.
  • Built-in battery or batteries. These types of devices are wireless, they are placed directly on the roof of the house. There are models that have an integrated battery that can be recharged, and others that work directly with batteries that we will have to change when they run out.
  • Life time of 10 years at most. There are models such as those from Netatmo that incorporate a battery with a duration of 10 years and cannot be changed, this is intended to buy another smoke detector, since after 10 years the sensor itself that detects smoke is surely not in a optimal operating state. There are other models that do not have this “limitation”, but we should take it into account when buying a new device.

Now that you know the three most important aspects, we are going to make a series of very interesting model recommendations.

Recommended smoke detectors for home

Netatmo is one of the most recommended brands to turn our home into a smart home, and it is that they have several devices related to security in the digital home. This manufacturer has a smoke detector with the best safety certifications, with a built-in 10-year battery life and that it cannot be changed, therefore after this time we will have to buy another smoke detector. This device connects directly to WiFi of our home, although not continuously to save battery, when it detects smoke it will automatically connect to the home WiFi and that is when it will send a notification to our app, in addition to sounding the built-in siren.

A device related to the smoke detector is the carbon monoxide (CO) detectorIf you have a gas boiler in your home, it is advisable to buy one of these detectors to prevent possible health risks due to poor combustion.

Another highly recommended model is one from Bosch, the popular manufacturer we all know. This device incorporates its own application, however, it can also be integrated into Apple HomeKit without any problem, which opens the possibility of integrating it directly into Home Assistant to control it centrally with the rest of the home automation system in the house. Of course, it connects directly to WiFi.

If you want one of the cheapest smoke detectors but one that works really well, the X-Sense models are really interesting. They incorporate WiFi connectivity and their own app to manage all the notices. This device has a long-lasting battery but it is replaceable, which is very interesting because we will be able to use it for many years. The size of this device is really small, since it is 8cm in diameter and only 5cm high, of course, it incorporates an 85dB power siren, and it will also notify us in case it has a low battery or if it malfunctions.

If you want to buy the “Mini” version in a pack of three sensors, you will also be able to buy it on Amazon. It has the same features at the hardware level (85dB siren and WiFi) and also at the software level, the only thing that changes is the design of the device, the dimensions remain similar.

As you can see, we have really interesting and cheap alternatives to add more protection to our house.

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