Get to know this extension to fill in a Captcha automatically

The first thing we are going to know is what a Captcha is, the different types that there are and also the reasons why they are implemented. Then we will see the Captcha “I’m not a robot” and we will see a browser extension that automatically populates this Captcha for us.

What is a Captcha, what is it used for and types

The CAPTCHA comes from the acronym in English Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. This translated from English means fully automatic and public Turing test to differentiate computers from human beings. In this case we find a series of tests controlled by machines whose objective is to determine when the user is a person or an automatic program, also known as a bot. It should be noted that it is very similar to the Turing test but with the difference that in this test the judge is a machine, instead of a person as in the original. For this reason it is also known as the inverse Turing test.

Regarding the most common types of Captcha that we usually find, we have:

  • Text-based: consists of a visual challenge in which the alphanumeric characters are distorted. This makes it difficult for the computer to recognize and divide the text.
  • Those of simple math calculations in which the user must solve simple mathematical operations.
  • The Captcha visual: in them a series of photographs are presented and we must click on all those that contain the element they ask for.
  • Based on conduct or behavior analysis. An example would be versions v.2.0 and v3.0 of reCaptcha.

An example of a visual captcha would be this:

The purpose of Captcha is to prevent abusive traffic. On the Internet we have websites with free services that hope to be profitable thanks to advertising revenue. The problem is that bots can be used to click ad banners for fraudulent profits. These bots or programs are prepared to introduce Captchas automatically and pose a serious problem.

The term Captcha began to be used in 2000. Both Captcha and reCaptcha are popularly known as Captcha. In this sense, it should be noted that reCaptcha is developed by Google and is based on behavior or behavior analysis. Currently version 3 is available which is based on a scoring system and can be used by website administrators.

The captcha “I am not a robot”

Before talking about the browser extension that automatically introduces the Captcha for “I’m not a robot / I’m not a robot”, let’s get to know it a little better. This type of captcha is often seen a lot on file and image download websites. Here is an example of what you would see at the beginning:

This type of captcha specifically would be a reCaptcha, so it will study our behavior and behavior. Bots often click in the center of the checkbox, while humans click somewhere in the random box. This helps Google consider whether that user is a real person or a bot. Also in version 3.0 of reCaptcha each user will have a different score, depending on how they interact on that website, the movements of the mouse and the time spent on each section of the website.

In addition, if we enter the Internet through a corporate network of a company in which many users use the same IP or also using a VPN, we could be seen as a robot. When we have some malware installed or we are part of a botnet and we make many queries, we can be considered as a machine. In the cases that consider us as a robot, a screen similar to this one will appear in which we will have to solve several puzzles of this type:

On the other hand, we will not be considered a bot if after pressing the check box, we download the content or access the website directly. So we will see an image like this:

Now we are going to see the browser extension to fill in this captcha automatically.

The browser extension “I’m not robot captcha clicker”

We come across an extension for the Google Chrome browser that simply clicks on the checkbox. In this way, we can say that it enters the Captcha automatically. If we want to install this extension for Chrome we will go to the Chrome Web Store and we will click on this link. Next, for its installation we will see a screen like this where we will press the button Add to Chrome

Later on it will ask us if we want to install the extension “I’m not robot captcha clicker”. Here what we have to do is click on the button Add extension and with that we finish the installation.

Regarding the privacy policy, this extension does not store, save or transmit any information inside or outside our computer. It is also safe, and also completely free.

Example of how this extension works

Once the extension “I’m not robot captcha clicker” is installed, we will be able to enter Captcha automatically when necessary. The first thing we are going to do is click on the gray extensions icon. There we will search for “I’m not robot captcha clicker” and we will click on the blue pin icon.

From that moment on, we already have the extension visible and activate the extension in the browser. In this case it is the one with three horizontal stripes in purple, white and yellow. If we click on the icon indicated by the red arrow, it will show us this additional information.

Here we have nothing to configure and the extension is ready to be used. The next time we enter a website that has the captcha “I am not a robot” you will see an image like this:

Then the extension that you have installed will automatically enter the Captcha for you by clicking on the checkbox. Next, you will see how the process ends successfully.

Finally, this should be the case unless you are using a VPN, you visit that website a lot, you are on a corporate network or you update reCaptcha to a higher version if they do not update the extension.

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