If you plan to download The Last of Us for free, be careful because you are going to get a virus

Surely in the last few days you have heard about the fashion series, The Last or Us. Even if you are from Madrid and have been through Callao these days, you will have seen the setup they have done to promote the series. But this fame is also causing hackers to set their sights there. We are going to explain why they can sneak a virus if you download this series from the internet.

Viruses when downloading The Last of Us

This warning has been issued from Kaspersky. It is a very popular antivirus and those responsible have said that this series is being used to distribute Phishing attacks and malware. But especially this happens when it is downloaded for free from the Internet. Hackers take advantage of this to sneak in malware.

There are mainly two campaigns that cyber criminals are using. One of them is for distribute malware on computer equipment. What they basically do is sneak viruses into the files that supposedly correspond to The Last of Us series to view it on the Internet. Those files will be hosted on a fake website.

Another campaign is about Phishing attacks. They also use fake websites, but in this case they offer a supposed discount code or promotional code to download the series for free. As in these types of attacks, they will request certain data. What they are looking for is simply to steal passwords, personal information or any data that they can use against us.

These attacks also use the video game on which the series is based. There may be people who watch the series and later want to download the game to play. Hackers take advantage of this to sneak in viruses or launch phishing attacks. Since there are many people interested in this video game or series, they have an opportunity.

Repair Windows if there are viruses

What to do to avoid falling into the trap

So, what should you do to avoid falling into these types of traps and prevent them from stealing your passwords or putting your security at risk? Undoubtedly something essential is the common sense. Avoid making mistakes, never download series or games from sites that could be dangerous, and carefully review any link that comes your way.

Also keep in mind the importance of having a good anti virus. That will help you to a great extent to prevent the entry of threats of all kinds. For example Windows Defender or Avast are good options. In the event that you download a dangerous file by mistake, this will help you detect dangers that may compromise your security.

Another key factor is keeping the updated devices. In many cases hackers will exploit vulnerabilities that may exist. They are going to take advantage of it to steal data, sneak in a virus or even control the device as if they really had permission to do so.

In short, as you can see they are taking advantage of the popularity of The Lat of Us series to launch attacks. They can slip viruses or send you a Phishing email to steal your passwords. It is essential to maintain security when browsing and avoid problems that may affect you. Common sense is key, but also having a good antivirus and everything updated.

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