Get to know this new cloud-encrypted e-mail service

We all use email, in one way or another. Think, for example, when you register in any online service and you have to put an address. Also when buying a product on the Internet or filling out a form. However, not all providers are the same and not all of them will protect our data. In this article we echo Skiff Maila new encrypted e-mail service that also has cloud storage.

Skiff Mail, the new encrypted mail

Skiff Mail has end to end encryption, which allows maintaining the privacy of users. It thus becomes one more alternative to be able to have email and maintain security and protected data at all times. You can use it both through the browser and by installing the mobile application for iOS or Android, as well as the desktop version for macOS. It should be noted that it is open source.

Something interesting about Skiff Mail is that, when registering, it asks to save a recovery key single use only. It is important that you do not forget it, because if at any time you do not remember the password you will have to use it and due to the encryption it uses it is impossible to unlock it.

It also has two-step authentication, something that has become essential to protect security and more and more services are using it. This forces us to authenticate through a second method, beyond the password, so that if an intruder manages to find out the password, he could not enter without that second step.

The basic version of Skiff Mail is free. It offers all the essentials to be able to use email securely and this includes what we have mentioned above: end-to-end encryption and two-step authentication. However, it also has a paid version, which offers more available space and some added advantages. It is one more option to use an email with secure encryption.

Offers cloud storage

But Skiff Mail is not just another email provider, it also has cloud storage. In this case, there are important differences between the free version and the paid version. The first offers 1 GB of space, which may be enough to store documents and files that are not very large, while the paid version offers up to 100 GB, where you can save more files without worrying about space.

However, you must take into account the limit of each file. In the case of the free version, the files cannot be larger than 30 MB. Instead, the paid version allows up to 100 MB per file.

In short, if you are looking for an alternative mail provider, with end-to-end encryption and that also has storage in the cloud, Skiff Mail may be an option to consider. Although it does not have a large number of functions, it is a new service that can be improved over time. You can find all the information on their website.

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