Ghost of Tsushima: Here is the trailer for the Iki Island DLC

On August 20 will arrive the Director’s Cut of Ghost of Tsushima and with it the new expansion Iki Island. After settling the situation in his homeland, Jin must travel to the island of Iki to face a new enemy and prevent rampant violence from reaching Tsushima.

The DLC shows itself in all its glory, with new characters and a new story to deal with set in feudal Japan.

The Iki Island expansion for Ghost of Tsushima is shown in a video

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut and expansion Iki Island are coming to coincide with the celebrations for the first year since the game’s release. With the wait getting stronger, here comes the new trailer released by sucker Punch offers an overview of the DLC set on Iki Island.

The details regarding the expansion speak of 15-20 hours of additional gameplay, as well as new enemies, animals, armor and a new fighting stance to add to Jin’s repertoire. The only downside concerns fans who already own a copy of the base game (our review here), who will have to pay to have the new content available in the Director’s Cut. While this new version will allow PlayStation 5 owners to play this immersive open-world.

From the trailer it seems that Jin will have to prepare to face a new threat, represented by the mysterious Mongolian cult “The Eagle”. Once again he will have to increase his powers and abilities to prevent a The Eagle to spread violence and death on Iki and protect Tsushima.

The plot seems to be promising and have the same intensity present in the base chapter. We will see if the expectations are maintained on August 20, when Iki Island is Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut will be released.


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