LEGO: Here is the new, huge, Republic Gunship

A few days ago the LEGO Group announced the arrival of the Gunboat of the Republic in LEGO Ultimate Collector’s version. The set arriving in August will be part of the same series as the 75192 Millenium Falcon he was born in 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer.

This huge set will consist of 3292 pieces and will be equipped with some special features such as 2 cockpits, spherical turrets with machine guns, 2 cannons and sliding doors.

The Republic Gunship prepares to land on the LEGO Store

August 1st, as LEGO has accustomed us to in recent years, will be a day full of highly anticipated new releases. The latest addition to the list of sets available from that day is the Gunboat of the Republic in the Ultimate Collector Series version.

The gigantic set, which will be available on the LEGO Store at THIS ADDRESS, will be composed of 3292 pieces and full of details and moving parts.

Once built, the Gunboat of the Republic it will measure 33cm high, 68cm long and 74cm wide. While the minifigures included will be those of a Clone Trooper Commander with blaster and Mace Windu with lightsaber.

LEGO, after announcing the set, also released a long video with interviews with the model’s designers and an interesting unboxing:

The challenge of creating the Star Wars Republic gunship in the form of LEGO bricks was entrusted to designer Hans Schlomer, who used his vast experience in designing the UCS Millenium Falcon and UCS A-Wing to make this model. The LEGO Group has developed around 150 LEGO Star Wars sets inspired by the prequel trilogy films, with this set becoming the third prequel-themed UCS, alongside Darth Maul and Obi Wan Kenobi’s Jedi Starfighter.

The LEGO Star Wars Creative Lead at the LEGO Group said: “There is always a huge responsibility to deliver quality design and the set Hans has made is incredible, especially the size. We knew our fans would want to show this model, but we didn’t want to compromise on scale with respect to the ability to exhibit it. I can’t wait to see how fans bring this set into their Star Wars themed collections“.

The LEGO set Gunboat of the Republic will be available on the LEGO Store from 1 August at a price of € 349.99 a THIS ADDRESS.

The battle of Geonosis awaits us with this incredible Ultimate Collector Series set dedicated to Star Wars.

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