Ghostbusters: Hasbro Announces Official 1: 1 Scale Replica of the Proton Backpack!

Ahead of the release of the film Ghostbusters: Legacy on November 18th, Hasbro unveiled his next HasLab project: the 1: 1 scale replica of Spengler’s Proton Backpack for the series Ghostbusters Plasma!

Crowdfunding campaign for the 1: 1 scale replica of Spengler’s Proton Backpack from Ghostbusters: Legacy

This incredible replica will see the light if Hasbro manages to collect 7,000 supporters by 12 December 2021, when the crowdfunding campaign of the “Proton Pack” sold at a price of $ 399.99 will end.

And if we are sure that there are more than 7000 Ghostbusters fans willing to spend that amount, for the closest thing to a real Ghostbusters proton backpack, know that Hasbro has already limited orders to 5 proton backpacks per customer.

What makes this replica of the Ghostbusters Legacy Proton Backpack so special?

Hasbro reveals that, in addition to being made as one 100% faithful replica to what we will see on the big screen, thanks to one 3D scan of the scene object, the backpack will be equipped with lights, sounds and two operating modes, which will allow us to relive the original experience of the 1984 film or that of the new 2021 film.

Not enough for you?

The backpack will be compatible with the proton rifle also made by Hasbro a couple of years ago, through a special metal coupling that fits perfectly on the back of the shotgun. It is even possible to open the cyclotron and explore its internal mechanisms… what more do you want ?!

Exclusive for the first hour backers

All Hasbro Pulse Premium members who will support the project within the first 48 hours, they will then receive exclusively a replica of the ectoplasmic jelly to be placed on your backpack; to give that extra touch of “lived” to the replica.

Unfortunately, if the campaign goes through, supporters of the project won’t see the item delivered home before spring 2023.

What do you think? Let us know via a comment below!

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