Gigas Flexible Fiber and Private Cloud Connect: all the versatility, reliability and security that your SME needs

Data and the cloud have become two fundamental keys for the Spanish SME. Gigas is aware of this reality, and also of the situation in which the current solutions and services market finds itself, which, in general, tend to prioritize large companies and leave SMEs relegated to a secondary position.

However, Gigas has dared to face that reality, and has done so in a big way with Flexible Fiber and Private Cloud Connect. Two innovative and pioneering solutions in the Spanish market, which are not offered by any other provider, and which are also aimed especially at small and medium-sized companies, to help them improve and optimize the security and availability of their data, as well as the connectivity of their business. .

To give a differential value, Gigas has not only opted for take maximum care of service and customer carehas also focused its efforts on giving SMEs the versatility and savings implied by the pay-per-use method, also eliminating having to resort to several providers. With Gigas you can enjoy all the advantages of having a single provider of telecommunications, cloud and cybersecurity services, which translates into significant savings in time and money.

Gigas Flexible Fiber: pay only for what you really need

Pay-per-use has emerged as one of the most interesting options in the services sector, and it is understandable, since it allows us to optimally cover our specific needs, paying only for what we are going to use. There’s no point in overpaying for something we don’t really need, that’s for sure, but what if my needs change and I have major spikes?

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Gigas has the answer with its innovative Flexible Fiber product. This solution, the first and only one in the Spanish market, allows businesses to cover both their usual needs and possible traffic peaks, since with allows to expand with total flexibility, and on a timely basis, the dedicated bandwidth of our FTTH, at any time and for as long as we want.

Thanks to this, Gigas Fibra Flexible is emerging as a solution that can optimally meet the needs of any SME while also maintaining the savings associated with pay-per-use. It is also a fully functional and highly efficient option that will allow us to shape expanded and more powerful connectivity at any time.

An SME is something alive and dynamic, changing. With Gigas Flexible Fiber, companies can have a solution able to adapt to reality at all times. This has all the advantages and peace of mind offered by first-class technical assistance such as that offered by Gigas, with 24/7 support and a close and humane treatment, always available to help customers.

Gigas Private Cloud Connect: secure data with full availability

For its part, the Private Cloud Connect service is emerging as a very interesting solution, since we are talking about a service that can cost thousands of euros in large North American hyperscalars, and that Gigas offers to SMEs for only 120 euros.

With this solution, also a pioneer in the Spanish market, companies can have their dedicated fiber connection, which connects their different offices with the cloud services they have contracted with Gigas, directly without going through the Internet.

The advantage offered by the Gigas Private Cloud Connect dedicated connection are multiple:

  • Greater security, since it is a dedicated point-to-point fiber circuit, which does not go through the Internet and is therefore not exposed to external attacks or data capture. This is very important, since greatly reduces the vulnerability of data in transitone of the critical moments that any company has to face, when working with its data.
  • Minimum latencyof a few milliseconds, as it is a dedicated connection not subject to Internet bottlenecks.
  • maximum savingsby offering a dedicated circuit solution, at a price slightly higher than that of a fiber Internet connection, much less than the hundreds of euros of a traditional dedicated circuit or MPLS network and much less than the thousands of euros of the large providers North American cloud companies to connect to their datacenters privately.
  • Ease of operationSince it is a private line, companies can choose their own private IP addressing scheme and therefore use their servers in the cloud as if they were in their offices, without the need to use VPNs or other solutions that require greater complexity.
  • Ease of integration for hybrid cloud environments, by turning Gigas cloud servers into an extension of the customer’s private cloud and the customer’s office local area network

With all these advantages, the use cases for Gigas Private Cloud Connect are very varied. These are some examples:

  • Backup and contingency services. The Private Cloud Connect allows you to restore a backup in minutes, thanks to its dedicated fiber optic connection. Additionally, because we can have the Gigas cloud infrastructure in the same private IP range as the company’s infrastructure, in the event of a disaster, this solution allows companies to set up a new server with the same IP as the private server that was installed. want to restore.
  • secure connection. The company’s employees can access their corporate servers, hosted in the Gigas cloud, without having to go to the Internet and without having to set up VPNs or tunnels that add complexity and effort to employees. Gigas cloud servers are accessible as if they were on the same internal office network.
  • High security. Nothing more secure than something not connected to the Internet. Until now, to take advantage of the cloud, we had to expose our data and servers to the Internet. With Gigas Private Cloud Connect that is no longer necessary. By minimizing the access points of potential attacks and avoiding Internet traffic, companies can continue with their existing security measures, without the need to make changes, since Gigas cloud datacenters will remain within the secure zone of the business network. .
  • System Administration. The Private Cloud Connect fiber can be connected to the VLAN defined by the customer, within the Gigas Cloud Datacenter, and enables private dedicated access to management VLANs for the system administration and security team of a company, without said accesses being accessible via the Internet or available to unauthorized company employees
  • Redundancy. The Private Cloud Connect can be used to create connected mirror infrastructures, to obtain total redundancy and if one of them fails, another backup is available in a matter of minutes. Redundancy is key to the security of our data.
  • data migrations. Optimal design that facilitates migrations to protect our backups and ensure that, even in the event of a disaster, our SME will be prepared to continue working as normal.

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