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From left to right | Juan José López Murphy, Head of Data Science and AI; Gonzalo Zarza, CDO at LaLigaTech; Luis Ureta, Executive Vice President; and Fede Cosentino, Head of Products and Platform.

Artificial Intelligence has become one more topic of conversation among partners and companies. A technology that, although it is revolutionizing our day to day, needs to be grounded in order for organizations to get the most out of it. And Globant, the Argentine consulting firm that has been working in AI environments since 2003, knows a lot about this.

Although working on AI technologies is nothing new, it is now, with the rise of generative AI, when much of its potential and value applied to different fields is becoming known.

But to give it the maximum value, the company has developed a proposal packaged in different tools that it offers to its clients. “Depending on the need, we see which of our solutions or others can be useful for our customers. We are technology agnostic”explained Fede Cosentino, Head of Products and Platform of the house.

Under the name of Globant X, the consultancy weaves a network of solutions that cover four main focuses:

  • Business culture with tools such as StartMe UP or BeHealthy to promote better processes within organizations.
  • Business with solutions like Walmeric or Waasabi to boost business.
  • Sustainability with Kenari to measure the carbon footprint of digital assets.
  • Software, the most powerful axis, with Augoor, Magnifai and Genexus Next to promote agile development.

With this technology, Globant has become a key reference for LaLiga Tech, with whom it has a joint venture to work on innovation projects and apply them to other countries, or for global digital transformation projects such as Disney or in banks such as OpenBank.

Spain, the European hub for Globant

Globant arrived in Europe 5 years ago with the company’s entry into Spain. “Spain has become a European business hub for us and has helped us promote opportunities such as LaLigaTech that can be extrapolated to other sports and entertainment environments”commented Luis Ureta, Executive Vice President of Globant.

Since then, the consulting firm has expanded to become a team of more than 1,000 people in our country, broken up by offices in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga and Logroño. A template focused on AI projects, but which also covers other digital transformation processes based on innovation and data.

In Spain Globant has a team of more than 1,000 people

The jump from Spain to other European countries is being key in its expansion. “We are already in the United Kingdom and Italy and we are starting to work in France, Germany and Denmark”, pointed out Luis Ureta. Its horizon does not remain in the Old Continent since, hand in hand with customers, they are also entering other territories in Asia or the Middle East.

Their progress is noticeable in their numbers. Globant globally earned 1,780 million dollars in 2022, with a growth of 37% year over year. All this thanks to more than 27,000 professionals, spread all over the world.

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