Google’s VPN takes an important leap to use it on mobile phones

Google VPN already works on iPhone

Among all the available options, the Google VPN is one of them. for those who are Google One subscribers have this option available. That yes, until now it was not available for those who use iPhone, so this alternative was a bit lame for use on mobile devices.

Until now it was already implemented in users with Android. Now they can also be used by those who have iOS. This offers one more alternative to be able to browse with greater privacy, especially on wireless networks that are public and can pose a risk.

For the moment, the Google VPN for iPhone It will be available to those subscribers who have Google One Premium, with at least 2 TB of cloud storage. Please note that members of this subscription can share the plan with up to five additional members and this also includes the VPN. Also, it doesn’t matter if they use Android or iOS.

On the other hand, Google is also spreading the use of VPN. From now on, the Google Now userswhich is available only in certain territories, can make use of this service on their mobile device.

In short, if you are looking for a VPN for mobile and you have iOS, from now on you have one more option and that is to use Google’s VPN. It was something demanded by many users of this platform, since it was possible to use it on Android mobiles. Now, the range of possibilities is expanded a little more for mobile devices.

Choosing the VPN well is essential

Although there are many options to use a VPN, the truth is that not all of them work the same. Also, not all of them are safe and will really fulfill their function. Our main advice is avoid the ones that are free or trial. They usually don’t work well, but they can even pose a security problem by not protecting data.

It is essential to use recognized VPNs that correctly fulfill their function and are not used for steal user data and sell them to third parties. It is essential to inform us beforehand, read possible comments from other users and check that we are not going to have any problems. You should always use the VPN well on mobile.

When it comes to getting good performance, a key point is to opt for a VPN that has a lot of servers. This will allow you to choose the one that works best and not have problems in this regard. In addition, having a wide range of options in terms of servers in different countries will help to avoid geo-blocking and access websites that may be blocked in a certain place.

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