GTA 6 release date, when is the new Grand Theft Auto coming?

Rockstar is a unique company. And not because of the quality of its games, which often leaves a little to be desired, but rather because it is a company capable of squeezing a game for 10 years, as is the case with GTA V. But you cannot live forever from one goose that lays the golden eggs, since sooner or later people will end up getting tired and abandoning the game. That is why, for some time now, rumors have been heard about his successor, who will be the Grand Theft Auto VI. But when will this GTA 6 arrive?

September of this year marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of GTA V, the Rockstar title that has lived through three generations of consoles and that, despite the fact that it has been given away on platforms such as the Epic Store, continues to be the leader in sales for many months. . But the players are already tired of the adventures of Franklin, Michael and Trevor. And Rockstar, even if they don’t admit it, is well aware of it.

Many rumors suggested that, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of GTA V, the long-awaited GTA VI would finally arrive. And these rumors have already been repeated on several occasions, which has raised the hopes of all the followers of this popular saga. However, it finally seems that it will not be like that. And, if you are waiting to play this title, you will still have to wait a little longer.

Grand Theft Auto 6 delayed, until 2025?

As reported by the information leaker Tez2, this new installment of the robbery saga is not going to be available this year in any way. However, there is beginning to be a bit of light on the horizon, since, it seems, what we will see coinciding with the tenth anniversary of GTA 5 will be the GTA VI official announcement. And, surely, some kind of gameplay, but little else.

If we are waiting for the release of this new game, we will still have to wait until christmas 2024, date that is being considered as a possible launch of the title. And it makes all the sense in the world, since it will literally take the stores by storm. However, it is very rare that in these times we see a game that does not suffer from delays in its launch. And, therefore, the other option is that we go until 2025.

Furthermore, logic indicates that, unlike its predecessor, this it will not be intergenerationalbut it will only come to PS5, Xbox Series and, of course, PC.

Get all the GTA at the best price

If the wait is going to be long, now you have the chance to get hold of all the games in the saga for very little money. These are the best deals for all published GTA games to download and buy on steam:

GTA V is not on sale for Steam, but we can buy it for the Rockstar Games Launcher for just over 10 euros, along with all kinds of cards for GTA Online. And all of the above (except GTA V) we can buy, at a better price, in the Grand Theft Auto Collection pack for just over 50 euros. And we will have plenty of hours to wait until the arrival of GTA VI.

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