GTA Online: Show off our cars with Los Santos Tuners

The summer update for GTA Online has arrived and will delight all Fast & Furious lovers thanks to the inclusion of Los Santos Tuners. The biggest update for GTA of 2021 brings new cars, races, robberies and a clandestine racing atmosphere that was missing within the Rockstar game.

The publication of the additional content saw the return of many players and the arrival on social networks of thousands of memes celebrating this occasion.

Los Santos Tuners lands in GTA Online

Street racing takes center stage in this major update for GTA Online. We talked about it last week, with the arrival of new maps for the Survival mode, and now the update is ready to be exploited to the maximum within GTA.

In the wake of the recent Fast 9 comes this expansion that brings modified cars more strongly into Rockstar Games’ multiplayer, allowing players to compete in speed races, modify their car at will with new features and find themselves in one place. totally free dedicated to show your car to brag with friends.

All this obviously sparked the fans of the video game, so much so that thousands of memes related to this update appeared on social networks. Here are some from Reddit:

Rockstar seems to have found the right balance to keep participation in GTA Online high, releasing a major summer and winter update, with new features that appeal to both longtime and younger players. In addition, the release of the new film with Vin Diesel has certainly provided a major boost to this update, which can give fans many hours of fun on the streets of Los Santos, waiting for GTA VI to arrive.


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