GTA Online transformed into a recruitment platform for drug cartels

When it comes to finding innovative ways to infiltrate the US market with a product, Mexican drug cartels are imaginative to say the least. In particular, they allegedly used GTA Online to recruit new members to smuggle drugs across the border.

GTA Online
Credit: Rockstar

According to a new report from Forbes, drug cartels in Mexico are using games such as Grand Theft Auto Online to recruit drug couriers. This revelation comes after Forbes reported that a woman named Alyssa Navarro was arrested for trying to import 60 kg of methamphetamine of Mexico in a Jeep Cherokee. Customs and Borders arrested her in Arizona.

When Border Patrol agents asked Alyssa Navarro how she got all those drugs and why she was driving with them, the trafficker had a startling response. According to her, it all started after she met a certain George while playing GTA Online.. The game had seen crazy growth last year after being offered on the Epic Games Store, so it is not very surprising to see malicious people using it to meet people.

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GTA Online is being used by Mexican drug cartels to recruit

After meeting in-game, the two individuals added each other on Snapchat and eventually agreed to meet in person. It was there that George allegedly offered Navarro to transport drug shipments between the United States and Mexico, with performance bonuses.

Indeed, his official mission was to transport electronic items in a Jeep from Arizona to Mexico, but drugs were obviously concealed among the other products. The cartel offered to pay her $2,000 per tripwith an increasing rate according to the quantity it would deliver.

Forbes also reports that Navarro met a man called “Alfredo” who loaded the drugs into the Jeep. It was hidden in the tank of the car. In a court appearance last year, Navarro pleaded not guilty conspiracy to import and sell methamphetamine; and drug possession.

Source: Forbes

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