Gurman predicts two Apple events before the end of the year

The people of Cupertino have taken a liking to virtual events. Without having the direct pressure from the Steve Jobs Theater, they already have a few “recorded” keynotes and the truth is that they look very good. So it is not surprising that the expected presentation event for the new iPhones 13 is not the last this year.

Mark Gurman he thinks so. think that now in September we will have the traditional iPhones keynote, which will be used to present the devices that are ready to sell, and later, in November, we will have another with the presentation of the MacBooks Pro. We’ll see.

Mark Gurman just posted on his Bloomberg blog what he thinks Apple will do with upcoming introductions of its new products. Says there will be a couple of new keynotes virtual before the end of the year.

He predicts that this year we will have the typical presentation of the new range of iPhones in September, as has been customary for many years. Last year it was exceptionally delayed to October, but we all know very well why.

This year the keynote of iPhones without delay

Due to the happy Coronavirus pandemic, the production of some models of the iPhone 12 range took almost a month, so Apple also decided to delay its presentation until October. Luckily this year they haven’t had that setback anymore, so Tim Cook is expected to show us the new ones. iPhones 13 next month.

And Gurman thinks that in the same September keynote, Apple will present the new devices that it already has ready for sale. He believes that apart from the iPhones, we will see the new 7 series of the Apple watch, and the new third generation of AirPods. It is very likely that in this keynote we will also see the new iPad mini.

Later, heading into November, he predicts what will be Apple’s last event this year. Here the MacBooks Pro of 14 and 16 inches that will mount the new M1X processor and will have a mini-LED screen.

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