Hassle-free enterprise encrypted email is now possible

Businesses handle a lot of confidential information that must be protected. Sometimes this data has to be sent by email. If we want it to be as secure as possible then that e-mail has to be encrypted, which is not always easy. Thanks to having a secure communication, it allows it to be more efficient and also provides a secure exchange of confidential documents. In addition, it can be useful for the customer and also allows companies to comply with the data protection specific to their industry and region. In this article, we’ll see how seamless enterprise encryption email is now possible.

In a recent Pulse and Echoworx survey, 90% of executives interviewed consider data and document security a priority. Also, it needs to be addressed by allocating budget and using email encryption solutions. The problem is that it is not easy to find an email encryption solution that is effective for a wide variety of business use cases. You may be interested in knowing how to encrypt your emails safely.

Quality business email encryption

A short answer that could define a quality business email encryption is that it is safe, flexible and usable. In that regard, it can be trusted if it is customizable, takes advantage of automation, and also offers many options for secure authentication, encryption, and delivery to clients. Moreover, it can help companies meet regulatory requirements such as data residency and also strengthen the connection of customers, partners, and suppliers.

The Echoworx Enterprise Encrypted Email Platform meets all of those requirements and more, plus it supports 27 languages. You may also be interested in sending encrypted emails using PGP in Gmail and Outlook.

Email encryption platform

Thanks to the Echoworx Email Encryption platform we have scalability, flexibility and simplicity to encryption. We are going to do it through four steps:

  1. Email, documents and files are sent via secure TLS protocol to the Echoworx platform for encryption.
  2. Based on your predefined encryption policies, email and notifications are automatically marked using logos and colors.
  3. Encrypt intelligently by choosing the best delivery method for the people you are sending that email to.
  4. Email and confidential documents are easily read by people online, offline, at any location and from any device.

In that aspect, it offers you 8 different ways to send secure email. The sender will not have to worry about the recipient’s encryption capabilities and it will be the system that handles the entire process on our behalf.

It also has authentication methods that ensure correct access is granted only to the chosen people. As for the default authentication, it includes self-registration, authentication through social connectors, authentication without password, and authentication through your existing portal to the main portal.


An interesting feature is that it has other options such as the protection of secure sensitive incoming mail that allow that if you have contracted corporate encrypted email, make the emails of our customers arrive encrypted. Also, as we mentioned before, it establishes a unique brand that allows companies to recognize that this e-mail has been sent by our organization. This serves to build customer confidence, reduce customization costs, comply with laws and regulations, and also offers an additional layer of brand security.

In short, Echoworx Enterprise Encrypted Email helps customers automatically encrypt their messages, facilitates secure communication for doing business, and helps companies comply with current regulations.

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