HBO Max: How much will the service cost in Mexico in 2022?

HBO Max is a new streaming service that arrived in Mexico, with quite competitive prices, as well as an interesting catalog in which we can find from original productions such as Chernobyl to other “classic” series such as the prince of Bel-Air, as well as some hits from the cinema like Duna and even Ready Player One.

After the recent announcements of price increases on some streaming platforms such as Netflix, many users began to wonder what will happen to other services for the following year, that is, if they will suffer adjustments in their packages for 2022.

Monthly plan

Although for now no type of adjustment has been announced in the service of HBO Max, It is not ruled out that during 2022 the service will change in price. For now, the only information we have confirmed, without any change, is that the expected prices for 2022 they will be as follows:

  • Mobile: For the connection of a single device, simultaneously in standard definition and limited to downloading 5 titles, its price will remain at $ 99 Mexican pesos.
  • Standard: The standard version with support for 3 devices, you can also view 4K content and download up to 30 titles, you can create up to 5 profiles, it will maintain the cost of $ 149 Mexican pesos.

Quarterly plan

The above mentioned plans are for 1 month. Currently HBO Max handles special prices for contracting the service for 3 months and 12 months, in the case of 3 months the prices are as follows:

  • Mobile: Its cost is $ 269 Mexican pesos for 3 months, and includes the same benefits as 1 month, that is, only one device at a time and in standard definition.
  • Standard: Its cost is $ 399 Mexican pesos for 3 months, it gives us access to 4K and up to three devices at the same time, as well as the benefits already mentioned above.

Annual plan

One of the most attractive promotions for people are those of 12 months, since there is a discount of up to 33% of the cost of the monthly payment and if at any point the price of the platform changes, if the user has this plan, during the term of it, they will not have to pay any extra, the prices for the whole year are as follows:

  • Mobile: 829 MXN for 12 months
  • Standard: 1249 MXN for 12 months

This may be the best option if the HBO service is going to be hired, in addition with this we avoid that if at any point of those 12 months The platform modifies prices, it costs us more to acquire the service.

What series and movies does HBO Max contain?

In addition to HBO it also has a Warner catalog, cartoon Network and even live sports such as the Champions League, movie premieres arrive as soon as they are no longer in projection, it is compatible with Smart TV, Computer, video game consoles, tablets and smartphone, this includes Android, Ios, Roku, Android TV, Chromecast among others.

Finally choose the plan that best suits your needs, HBO does not have trial period Officially, however, sometimes internet providers offer this benefit, before you hire this platform directly.


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