Home and Nest: Google fixes the ambient noise problem that annoyed users

Google Assistant can be very useful on a daily basis, since it can notably broadcast various ambient sounds, including white noise. Google recently changed this white noise against user feedback, but eventually rolled back the update.

Credits: Google

On its connected speakers, Google offers many ambient sounds from the Google Assistant, including one that generates white noise. The latter can in particular help to block noise to facilitate sleep or even concentration. Last week, we reported that the company had apparently changed the sound of white noise, and a lot of users expressed their frustration.

Indeed, on the Google forum, many smart speaker owners claimed that the new version was at a different height, that it was more muffled, quieter and shorter. Previously the white noise sound would loop every hour, but after the update, this was now repeated every 10 minutes, which users found annoying and repetitive.

I thought I had blocked ears or something wrote a user on the Google Nest Community forum. ” I even tried several different devices around my house before finding out it was a Google update. My toddler noticed the change in sound and now wakes up during the night. Please revert to the original sound “, they insisted. ” It was so much nicer “.

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Google is changing the sound of white noise again

Faced with this outcry from users, Google quickly responded to the controversy. ” There was an issue impacting our white noise experience “said a spokesperson. ” It’s fixed now and everything now works as it did before. “. This change should therefore appease the anger of users whoi had for some more difficulty concentrating or falling asleep.

In addition to tweaking its white noise, Google recently changed how Nest speakers work after a complaint from Sonos. Indeed, the authorities had estimated that Google violated a total of 5 patents of the manufacturer.

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